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NATA Exam Pattern 2024

Author : Aparna

Updated On : July 11, 2023


Summary: Last year, the Council of Architecture changed the exam pattern of the NATA. Let's understand the changes made to the NATA Exam Pattern 2024 and how to prepare and crack the exam with excellent scores effectively. 

The Council of Architecture will published the exam pattern for NATA 2024 in the official notification on the official website. The NATA exam paper pattern depicts the structure of the question paper, number of questions, total marks, marking scheme, etc.

Last year, the exam pattern was revised, and the NATA entrance exam was conducted in computer-based test mode. This year, the authorities have followed the same pattern for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture.

Let's dive into the post to know the detailed pattern for the NATA Entrance Exam 2024.

NATA 2024 Paper Pattern Highlights

NATA comprises questions of MCQ, MSQ, PCQ, and NAQ type. Considering the new NATA Paper Pattern, the exam will be conducted online. 

Check the table explaining the National Aptitude Test in Architecture 2024.

Exam Mode Computer-Based Test
Duration 3 Hours
Medium  English
Section Aptitude 
Total Number of Questions 125 Questions
Type of Questions Multiple-Choice type (MCQ); Multiple Select type questions (MSQ); Preferential Choice type (PCQ); Numerical Answer type (NAQ)
Total Marks 200
Negative Marking No
Marking Scheme The questions will be of 1 or 2, or 3 marks

The key highlights of the Exam Pattern for NATA Exam 2024 are as follows:

  • As per the new pattern, there will be only one section in the exam, meaning the questions are only asked from the aptitude section.
  • The drawing section might be removed from the paper for the 2024 exam.
  • The question paper will have multiple-choice questions (MCQs), multiple select type questions (MCQs), preferential choice type questions (PCQs), and numerical answer type questions (NAQs).
  • There will be a total of 125 questions for 200 marks.
  • There will be no negative marking in NATA 2024.
  • The exam is conducted only in the English language.

NATA Marking Scheme 2024

To understand the marking scheme, you must know the questions' type and weightage.

The NATA Question Paper consists of 1-mark, 2, and 3 marks questions. However, the Council of Architecture did not specify the number of questions under each section.

The question paper will have a total of 125 questions for 200 marks. As per the NATA 2024 Exam Pattern, no marks for wrongly answered questions will be deducted.

NATA 2024 Exam pattern - Assessment factors

In the NATA aptitude test, you will be assessed on your general knowledge, mathematics, and drawing.

As per the NATA exam pattern and syllabus, you will be tested on the following topics. As per the previous year NATA question paper, Syllabus for NATA 2024 is provided below:

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests the ability of logical reasoning, using diagrams and scenarios
Numerical Reasoning Tests mathematical ability through simple problems
Verbal Reasoning Assesses the ability to evaluate verbal logic
Inductive Reasoning Tests the ability to see patterns and analyze given data
Situational Judgment Tests problem-solving ability
Logical Reasoning Tests the ability to recognize patterns, sequences, or relationships between shapes and imagery
Abstract Reasoning Will assess general knowledge and ability to utilize knowledge in new situations.

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

"The question paper will have a total of 125 questions for 200 marks. As per the NATA Exam Pattern, no marks will be deducted for wrongly answered questions."

NATA Paper Pattern 2024 - Tie-breaking Procedure

If you and other students have scored the same marks in NATA Entrance Exam 2024, then the board will decide on whom to consider for admission based on the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Authorities will consider the highest marks in mathematics.
  • The exam conducting body will consider the one with fewer wrong answers in the mathematics section.
  • If the tie still exists, the highest marks in the Aptitude Test will be considered.
  • The one with fewer wrong answers in the Aptitude Test will be considered.
  • Those who have an earlier date of birth will be given first preference.

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NATA Exam Pattern 2024: Scores Validity

In the aptitude test, you will be allotted marks based on the number of correct answers.

As per the Exam Pattern of NATA 2024, the score will be valid only for admission in session 2024.

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

Is NATA Exam Easy to Crack on the First Attempt?

Since NATA is considered one of India's toughest architecture entrance exams, most of you might wonder how to crack the exam on the first attempt. If you are proficient in free-hand sketching and aptitude testing, you can easily get accepted into one of the best institutions.

As per experts, the NATA exam question paper pattern can be tricky so students should try to solve as many NATA aptitude questions as possible to enhance their aptitude skills.

According to the NATA entrance exam paper pattern, there will be questions only based on general aptitude, and the NATA entrance exam will have no negative marking.

Hence, it is a good opportunity for all of you to attempt the maximum number of questions, as there is no negative marking.

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In conclusion, the exam pattern of NATA Exam 2024 is one of architecture students' most comprehensive entrance exams.

It provides a fair and equal opportunity for students to showcase their skills and aptitude for architecture.

The NATA exam pattern pdf is designed to test the student’s overall knowledge, which includes knowledge in mathematics, drawing, and general aptitude.

With the right preparation and dedication, the exam pattern for NATA 2024 Entrance Exam can be a great stepping stone for aspiring architects.

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