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NATA Question Papers PDF Download

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 14, 2023


How do you evaluate your performance? By solving previous year's question papers and sample papers, correct? 

Solving previous year's question papers is one of the best methods to enhance your time management skills and speed in the final exam. 

With the help of question papers, you can build your confidence levels, overcome mistakes, and develop intelligent methodologies to complete the exam with the utmost precision and minor error. 

This post shall guide you through the previous year's NATA Question Papers PDF. You can download the PDFs by clicking on the direct links provided below.

NATA 2023 Question Paper PDF Download

As we all know, the Council of Architecture (CoA) changed the paper pattern last year. 

Therefore, practicing previous year's papers will help you get an idea about the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions asked in the upcoming NATA entrance exam.

Also, they will help test your preparation levels and focus on weak areas. 

You can view/download last year's paper by clicking on the link provided below and start practicing today for better results.

Download Free Study Material for Nata Exam by CreativeEdge

How to utilize NATA Previous Year Question Papers?

As per the NATA Exam Analysis, most of the questions are repeated from previous papers. So, practicing more and more questions will help you score good marks in the exam.

You can follow the general tips and tricks provided by experts while solving the NATA Previous Year Papers.

  • First, understand the complete NATA syllabus and exam pattern in-depth.

  • Then start your preparation with easy topics and then proceed to complex topics.

  • After studying all the topics according to the latest syllabus, begin your revision, during which you need to solve question papers.

  • Solve at least 3 question papers in a week so that you can have time to improve on weak areas or wherever you go wrong.

  • Take up each question paper and solve it by keeping a timer just like the main exam.

  • Make sure you solve the paper and finish it on time.

  • After completion of solving, check all your answers, and allot marks yourself for each question. 

  • Also, try to solve at least 1-2 Mock Tests for NATA weekly.

  • After completion, analyze your performance and begin to correct your mistakes.

Download Previous Year's NATA Question Papers PDF

Solving question papers will help you to crack the exam easily on the first attempt.

During your preparation for the NATA Exam, it is essential to solve at least one to two question papers weekly.

In this way, you can improve your speed and accuracy while solving tricky questions and score good marks in the upcoming exam.

NATA Question Papers with Answers PDF

The below link includes a compilation of all previous year's question papers with solutions for the NATA exam.

Download the PDFs and start solving them by keeping the timer. After completion of each paper, try to analyze your performance and overcome mistakes.

In this way, you can learn short techniques to solve tricky questions in a matter of seconds.

Sample Aptitude Questions for NATA 2023

In the NATA entrance exam, you will be tested primarily on general aptitude, mathematics, and drawing.

To help you understand the type of questions asked in the exam, we have provided a few sample aptitude questions for NATA.

1. Which of the following film was directed by Satyajit Ray? 

A. Bhumika

B. Satranj ke khiladi

C. Nishant 

D. Ardhya satya

2. A’ starts his walk-in north and turns left; similarly, `B’ starts his walk from the same point in the east direction and then turns right, goes straight, and then turns left. A & B faces are?

A. In the same direction

B. In the opposite direction

C. Perpendicular to each other 

D. None of above

3. In a specific code language, COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How will MEDICINE be written in that code language? 





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Sample Aptitude Questions for NATA 2023

In the NATA entrance exam, you will be tested primarily on general aptitude, mathematics, and drawing.

To help you understand the type of questions asked in the exam, we have provided a few sample aptitude questions for NATA.

1. Which of the following film was directed by SatyajitRay? 

A. Bhumika

B. Satranjkekhiladi

C. Nishant 

D. Ardhyasatya

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

5. Which of the following does not form a part of Reinforced Cement Concrete? 

A. Steel

B. Cement

C. Sand

D. Lime

6. If South ­East becomes North, North ­East becomes West, and so on. What will West become?

A. North­ East

B. North ­West

C. South ­East

D. South­ West

NATA Online Coaching

NATA Online Coaching

7. One morning after sunrise, Suresh was standing facing a pole. The shadow of the pole fell exactly to his right. To which direction was he facing? 

A. East

B. West

C. South

D. Data is insufficient

Importance of Solving NATA Previous Year Question Papers

There are numerous benefits to solving the previous year's papers. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • You will better understand the NATA Exam Pattern, syllabus, and weighting of each topic in depth. 

  • Know the difficulty level of the paper.

  • You can improve your speed and performance by solving sample papers.

  • You can familiarize yourself with the type of questions that you can ask in the exam.

  • Know which topics you are weak and strong in and how to improve in weaker sections.

  • Help improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Know the NATA Syllabus thoroughly and prepare a timetable as it will help you to prepare easily and effectively.
  • You should prepare short notes of the important topics that have more weightage in the exam and the notes will help you at the time of examination to recall the important points.
  • you should practice continuously previous year papers it will help you to increase your speed and accuracy.
It is important that you solve the NATA Previous year question papers because Solving the Papers will help the up-and-comers in realizing the test pattern. Also, you will get to know the difficulty level of the exam and the weightage of each topic that comes in the exam. You will get more confident about the exam. and also know how to manage time in an effective way. 

The questions from the previous year's question papers help the candidates in practicing with the certifiable material and from a direct source which will be much beneficial.

You can find previous year question papers for NATA from the above post. You can view or download the PDF by clicking on the direct links given in the post.
You can click on the NATA question paper link provided in this post and download it. You may take out printouts of the NATA Previous Year question papers and NATA Sample Papers for further reference.
Yes, the NATA Previous Year Question Papers are printable. After downloading you can view it in PDF Format on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone, and then if required take out a printout for further reference.
Yes, all the question papers provided above are free of cost and you can download them easily.


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