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How to achieve Good Scores in NATA: Tips & Tricks

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 2, 2023


Summary: This article has put together some important points to remember while preparing yourself for the entrance exam and if you want to improve your NATA score.

Getting into a good college for a regular course is difficult these days; the bar rises when it comes to professional courses like engineering and architecture. It is therefore critical to understand the fundamental requirements for admission to the architecture college of your choice.

This is where NATA enters the picture. Since 2006, the Council of Architecture has made NATA qualification mandatory for admission to architecture colleges.

Every year, it publishes the basic entrance syllabus and contents to assist NATA candidates in preparing for the exam.

In this article, we are putting together some important points to remember if you want to improve your NATA score.

Do not begin new chapters

Avoid attempting to learn or study any new topics that were confusing at the last minute of your preparation, as this can cause you to become confused and lose focus. Examine the topics or notes you took during preparation. This can help with concept retention in the long run. Try to complete as many NATA Question Papers from previous years as you can to improve your time management and speed during the final test.

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First, divide the sections

Divide the section into levels of difficulty. Examine the areas that will take more time to complete. Before moving on to the next section, try to finish the one you find easiest. Divide the questions in the general knowledge section, for example, into smaller groups and begin answering them. You can skip ahead to the difficult section later. This is one of the most effective methods for answering NATA questions.

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Participate in Study Groups and Research

When compared to studying alone, studying in a group increases learning. Students frequently worry about the subject when studying alone, deciding what to focus on and what to ignore. When studying in a group, however, one can discuss the course material with other students. One has the opportunity to analyze material, examine concepts, discuss ideas, and reason with others about why each individual's response is unique. The outcomes include increased topic awareness, deeper understanding, faster learning, and practice. Students can stay motivated by participating in group studies with friends or classmates.

"Students frequently worry about the subject when studying alone, deciding what to focus on and what to ignore.

When studying in a group, however, one can discuss the course material with other students."

Maintain Quality and Precision

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture focuses primarily on speed. The paper is extremely complex and lengthy. As a result, you should try to speed up before the final exam. You can improve your exam speed and performance by answering more and more questions from last year's sample tests and papers. To solve the questions faster and with greater accuracy, try using tricks.

Answer Previous Year's Questions

You should solve the Previous Year's NATA Questions regularly to gain an understanding of the trends in a question format and topic weightage from each section from previous years. Before answering any questions, try to identify those that will take more time to answer. Simple questions may occasionally be more difficult. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when selecting the questions. Try to answer simple questions quickly while devoting more time to difficult problems.

Complete Mock Exams

In addition to revising by taking one to two NATA mock tests per day, you should prioritize assessing your level of preparation. Mock exams simulate the actual entrance exam. As a result, taking mock tests will help you understand the level of difficulty and the types of questions that will be asked on the real exam. NATA Mock Exams can help you improve your time management skills.

nata mock test

nata Mock test

Make a Healthy Routine

Along with a well-planned exam preparation schedule, candidates must also ensure that they maintain good health. Sleep should never be sacrificed because it ensures that students have a clear mind to absorb information. Candidates should also maintain a healthy diet because they must be in good physical condition to perform well in the examination.

Emphasizing On Drawing Ability

To begin, strive to make your sketches as proportionate and visually appealing as possible. It's also important to develop your natural ability to visualize and sketch the effects of light on any given object. This includes an object's shadows as well as its surroundings. It is also necessary to compose and combine any given 3D elements to form a framework or a building. It is more than necessary to have a strong sense and understanding of perspective drawing. In addition, make sure you understand proportions and scales.

Furthermore, practice 'playing' with colors to ensure complete visual harmony in your compositions. You may be given forms and shapes and asked to create two-dimensional compositions out of them. So practice making some interesting compositions with unusual shapes. Last but not least, keep in mind that your examiners will scrutinize your pencil sketch abilities as well as your ability to adopt themes based on everyday experiences.

"It is more than necessary to have a strong sense and understanding of perspective drawing."

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Lastly, the following tips need to be kept in mind while attempting the NATA exam:

  • Many people believe they can easily get through if they have good drawing skills. However, proportions, factors such as light and shadow, and composing three-dimensional structures are all critical and cannot be overlooked.
  • Creativity is the ability to generate ideas that are unique and not found anywhere else.
  • You must be able to present information clearly in a short amount of time.
  • Examine all previous year’s papers to understand better and hone your preparation skills.
  • Following famous architects and designers who have designed buildings promotes originality and creativity.
  • Motivate yourself to succeed because only a positive attitude can help.
  • Initially, draw with a light hand and without details. Once you're satisfied with the proportions and outline, you can finalize.
  • Practice more with dry colors because they save time.
  • Begin early to gain a solid understanding and perform well.
  • The key to performing well on the MCQs is mental focus.
  • Recheck your math formula and approach the general aptitude section logically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recent Passport size Photographs in Colour b and Own Signature Documents have to be in jpg/jpeg format are the main things to be uploaded. Besides that, the candidate needs an identity proof, school certificates, etc.
After qualifying the NATA Exam, the counseling process takes place in which the candidates are allotted colleges that they wish to join. The whole effort is to allocate the best colleges to students where they can learn architecture with the best faculty and staff. 
Of course! Along with the correct answers you can even get a detailed explanation for every missed or incorrect answer.
NATA aptitude mock test allows you to edit your written answers from the review option available on the website.
No. You have to answer the question in freehand. You are not allowed to use measuring instruments such as scale, compass, etc in the exam hall.
No. As per the NATA Exam patter, there is no negative marking in the exam.
There are a total of 125 questions in the NATA exam.
Yes. The exam pattern is same for both NATA 1 and NATA 2.
Preparation strategy shall vary between each one of you. It depends on your capability and dedication. If you are well versed with the basics, then one month is enough for NATA preparation. 

You should understand each and every scale and proportion. Bring out your best from day-to-day experience. This will give uniqueness to your drawings.

The evaluator's focus will be on your drawings, imagination and observation skills. So, you should never compromise on the creativity.

A minimum of 6 months to 1 year is required for NATA Exam Preparation. 
As per the previous year analysis, the NATA drawing exam was a moderate level of difficulty. With the right preparation strategy, you can definitely clear NATA drawing Exam with a high score. 
No, you need to score around 120 to 150 out of 200 to get admission in top Architecture universities. 


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