The Council of Architecture is conducting the first phase of the NATA exam in the month of April 2021. Go through the post to get complete details regarding NATA Exam Analysis.

NATA Exam Analysis 2021

The exam analysis will help you get an idea about the difficulty level of the paper, the type of questions asked. Here, we will provide in-depth information about the number of good attempts, the exam's difficulty level, and the type of questions asked in each section of the exam.  The analysis is prepared by taking the feedback from the students who appear for the exam.

Section Difficulty Level

NATA Exam Analysis 2020

As per the exam review, the overall difficulty level of the exam was moderate. There were 20 questions from Maths, 40 questions from Aptitude, and 2 questions to test the drawing skills of the candidates.

  • There were no unexpected questions in the maths section. So, attempting the section was easy.
  • In the general aptitude section, there were some confusing statements and that were tricky to answer.
  • The drawing questions asked in the exam had confusing figures which many students found difficult to answer.
Section Difficulty Level
Maths  Easy
Aptitude  Moderate
Drawing  Moderate-Difficult
Overall  Moderate

NATA Exam Analysis 2019: Highlights

Given below are a few questions with answers, asked in the Maths and Aptitude section of NATA 2019: Question 1 If A is 2 years older than B, which is twice as old as C, A+B+C= 27. To find the age of B? Ans. Let us assume C= x years B= 2C= 2x If A= (B+2) years, then A= 2x+2 Now as per the equation given, A+B+C= 27 Filling the values, we get (2x+2)+2x+x=27 5x+2=27 5x=25 x=5 years Which means, C= 5 years then, B= 10 years Correct Answer= 10 Years Join NATA Video Exam Analysis Question 2 If South-East becomes north and North-East becomes west, what will west become? Ans. Considering the original direction chart, Now if South East becomes north and North East becomes west, then the directions change as follows: North-west becomes south and southwest becomes east Therefore, the west becomes south-east.

Section Easy Moderate Difficulty Good Attempts Accuracy Good Marks
Maths 10 5 5 15 80% 25
Aptitude 25 8 7 34 80% 50
Drawing - 2 - 2 70% 50

NATA Section-wise Exam Questions 2019

Check for the section-wise NATA Exam Questions 2019 from below-

Aptitude Questions Asked in NATA Exam: July 07, 2019

  1. 7-8 questions appeared from Architecture Awareness
  2. Question regarding 3D object rotation
  3. 2-3 questions from counting surface
  4. Questions regarding counting the number of shapes
  5. Rest, all of the questions were regarding General Aptitude

Maths Questions Asked in NATA Exam: July 07, 2019

Check what and how many questions appeared from the Maths section as follows:

  1. Most questions were asked regarding Probability
  2. Questions regarding Logistics, Average & Calculus were there
  3. 1 question appeared from Integration
  4. 3-4 questions were from Area and Volume
  5. From trigonometry, there were 3 questions

Drawing Questions Asked in NATA Exam: July 07, 2019

1. Imagine a memorable holiday in which u have to. Show your one and only one family member and u are seeing a monument or nature-related surrounding or a landmark 2. The question was based on composition. The candidates had to use shapes and make a poster on global peace Swacch Bharat and harmony any one of the themes. Check NATA Syllabus

NATA Section-wise Exam Analysis 2019

Check for the section-wise NATA Exam Analysis 2019 from below-

NATA Exam Analysis for Maths

Following are the topics from which questions were asked in Mathematics:

  • Matrices, Algebra, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics, calculus, equation of a circle.
  • Questions were doable and were on predictable lines, there was no surprise element in the section.
  • A decent number of attempts would be close to 15 at an accuracy of 80% and one can easily score 25 marks in this section.

NATA Exam Analysis for Aptitude Test

This section basically checks students' logical bent of mind, decision-making capability, ability to think on feet, analytical skills, and mental fitness. For checking all these skills there were questions from the following areas:

  • Puzzle solving, syllogism, critical reasoning, inferential reasoning, statement assumption and conclusion, pictorial reasoning, mathematical reasoning, logical operations, even diagram, set theory, sets, union, intersection, 3-dimensional figures, visualization, understanding of isometric figures.
  • The section was tricky and required good analytical skills for cracking the correct answer.
  • For a student who is well-prepared, a decent number of attempts would be close to 32 to 34 at an accuracy of 80% and a score of 50 is a decent score.

NATA Exam Analysis for Drawing Test

There were 2 questions of 40 marks each, someone who would have done good preparation and had a knack for drawing and understanding of proportionality, comfortable with freehand drawing and good with visualization of 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional figures can very easily score 50 plus marks in this section


Is it important to go through NATA Exam Analysis?

Yes. Going the exam analysis will help you understand the difficulty level of the paper, changes in the exam pattern, type of questions asked, and the expected cut off.

How is the NATA 2021 exam Analysis Prepared?

The NATA Exam Analysis is prepared by taking the feedback from candidates who appear for the exam. 

Is going through the NATA Exam Analysis will help score well in the exam?

Yes. Referring to the exam analysis of NATA Exam will help you to know the difficulty level of the paper and enhance your preparation.

Where can I find RRB NATA Today Exam Review?

You can find the complete review of the NATA Exam from the above post.

Is the difficulty level of the NATA exam the same every year?

No. The difficulty level of the exam varies for each year and it depends on the level of the paper and the questions asked.