General Knowledge is one of the commonly included subjects in all entrance examinations. In NATA, along with drawing and aptitude, the question paper includes general knowledge questions as well. 

This subject is added to the exam to test your general knowledge skill. It also tests your latest current affairs skill. 

This post shall help you to get an idea about how many GK questions asked and the type of general knowledge questions in NATA. 

What type of Questions are asked in the NATA GK Section?

In NATA Exam, there are various sections involved. Under the GK section, there are 2 categories of questions: General Knowledge and Architectural Questions. 

What is the weightage of NATA GK Questions?

Out of 125 questions, around 15 questions are asked under the general knowledge section. With the correct preparation method, you can get all answers right and score full marks. As per the NATA Exam Pattern, there is no negative marking for wrong answers. 

Important GK Questions for NATA

Here are few important GK questions most commonly asked in NATA Exam. Practice these general knowledge questions and enhance your preparation levels. 

  1. Nandalal Bose was a famous a) Sculptor b) Painter c) Scientist d) Architect
  2. In which state of India the famous Sun temple of Modhera is situated a) Maharashtra b) Gujarat c) Uttar Pradesh d) Madhya Pradesh
  3. In which year the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai was established? a) 1857 b) 1935 c) 1960 d) 1980
  4. Who was a famous artist from the following? a) N.S. Bendre b) Salman Rushdee c) I. K. Gujral d) Sarojini Nau
  5. One MB of computer memory is equal to a) 1000 KB b) 1024 KB c) 100 KB d) 512 KB

NATA AAT Questions

Here is the list of questions from the AAT section. Download NATA Question Papers PDF to get an idea about the difficulty level of the exam. 

  1. Who designed Hearst Castle a) Julia Morgan b) Marian Devies c) William Randolph Hearst d) Orson Welles
  2. The Seagram Building was designed by a team of architects. Who were they? a)Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson b) Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid c) Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright d) Charles Correa and I.M. Pei
  3. What is the old city usually built around North African citadels called? a) Favela b) Inner City c) Old Quarter d) Casbah
  4. What is the name of the tower associated with mosques? a) minaret b) minbar c) mizpah d) muezzin
  5. Who designed the Hagia Sophia? a) Sinan b) Justinian I c) Saladin d) Theodora
  6. Which architect wrote I Quattro Libri dell Architettura (1570; The Four Books of Architecture)? a) Benedetto Antelami b) Michelangelo c) Sinan d) Andrea Palladio
  7. What great Ottoman architect designed the Mosque of Süleyman I the Magnificent? a) Nūbār Pasha b) Saladin c) Sinan d) Omar Khayyam
  8. Which iconic building in New York City did Andy Warhol feature in a single-shot documentary with an eight-hour run time? a) Trump Tower b) the Chrysler Building c) the Guggenheim d) the Empire State Building
  9. Whose Turning Torso (1999–2005), a unique apartment tower in Malmö, Sweden, is based on a twisting spinal column? a) Santiago Calatrava b) Jean Nouvel c) Zaha Hadid d) Frank Gehry
  10. What prolific female architect merged Modernism and populism in works she built largely in Brazil? a) Lota de Macedo Soares b) Tarsila do Amaral c) Clarice Lispector d) Lina Bo Bardi
  11. Who was an up-and-coming Mexican architect in the early 21st century? a) Carlos Slim b) David Alfaro Siqueiros c) Tatiana Bilbao d) Luis Barragan
  12. The Giza Pyramid Complex is from which era? a) Ancient Egyptian b) Pre-historic times c) Stone Age d) Bronze Age


Who prescribes NATA Syllabus 2021?

The Council of Architecture will prescribe the NATA 2021 syllabus.

What are the important topics that need to be prepared under NATA Physics Syllabus 2021?

Electric charges and Fields; Electrostatic Potential and Clearance Current Electricity; Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism; Moving Charges and magnetism are some of the important topics that need to be prepared under NATA Physics Syllabus.

What are the new changes made in NATA Exam Pattern?

The new changes made in NATA Exam Pattern are as follows-

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsDistribution of MarksTotal MarksMode of Exam
Drawing(PART A)32x35,1x5570+55=125paper & pencil
PCM(PART B)1515x1.522.5MCQ(online)
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning(PART B)3535x1.552.5MCQ(online)

How to prepare for NATA Exam 2021?

  • Know the NATA Syllabus thoroughly and prepare a timetable as it will help you to prepare easily and effectively.
  • You should prepare short notes of the important topics that have more weightage in the exam and the notes will help you at the time of examination to recall the important points.
  • you should practice continuously previous year papers it will help you to increase your speed and accuracy.

Can I prepare for NATA in one month?

Preparation strategy shall vary between each one of you. It depends on your capability and dedication. If you are well versed with the basics, then one month is enough for NATA preparation. 

Is 90 a good score in NATA Exam?

No, you need to score around 120 to 150 out of 200 to get admission in top Architecture universities. 

How long does it take for NATA Preparation?

A minimum of 6 months to 1 year is required for NATA Exam Preparation. 

Is 120 a good score in NATA?

Around 120-150 is considered a good in NATA if you wish to get admission in top architecture institutes.