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Logical Reasoning Questions for NATA 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 2, 2023


Logical reasoning is a crucial part of the NATA Exam Pattern as it makes up most of the questions in the NATA exam paper.

In NATA, logical reasoning part aims to test the ability to recognize patterns, sequences, or relationships between shapes and imagery.

To ease your preparation, we have provided some of the essential logical reasoning questions for NATA 2023 to understand this topic better. 

This article will walk you through the the important concepts and practice questions of logical reasoning questions for NATA.

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Logical Reasoning Questions for NATA 2023

The logical reasoning section is an integral part of NATA Exam, and it contains different reasoning questions intended to judge your analytical and logical reasoning skills.

The logical reasoning questions can be 

  • Verbal 
  • Non-verbal

The concepts and problems are expressed in words in verbal logical reasoning questions.

Important Logical Reasoning Questions for NATA 2023

We have provided a few sample questions for your reference here to help you understand the type of questions asked from the logical reasoning.

These questions are curated from the previous year's questions papers for NATA. Practicing these questions regularly will help you perform well in the upcoming exam.

Question. A number of children are standing evenly spaced around a circle. The third child is directly opposite the 28th child. How many children are there altogether?
a. 48
b. 50
c. 54
d. 56

Question. A slid cube, 8 inches x 8 inches, is painted red on all the faces. The cube is then sliced into smaller equal-sized cubes of 1-inch x 1-inch x 1 inch. How many of these small cubes will have exactly two red faces?

Question. In the given number series: 12, 24, 21, 42, 39, 78.....which number would come next?

Question. A cylinder 15cms long has a circumference of 4 cm. A string makes exactly 5 turns around the cylinder while its two ends touch the cylinder's top and bottom. How long is the string?

NATA mock test

NATA Mock test

Question. A building of 25 meters casts a shadow 15 meters long on the ground. What will be the length of the shadow cast by a building 40 meters tall?

a. 20 meters
b. 24 meters
c. 26 meters
d. 30 meters

Question. A forest lies between two parts of a city. How many unique routes are there to go from the west side to point A in the east without retracing any portion of the route?

Frequently Asked Questions

The candidates can visit the official website of NATA, check if the availability of the application form is there. Then candidates can fill the form and submit it. Otherwise, they can check when the next time application form is going to be released and they can fill it.

There have been new changes in NATA Exam Pattern 2020.The marking scheme have changed entirely.There have been changes in the number of questions alloted to each section.Lets go through the changes one by one-

  • For the Physics Chemistry Maths(PCM) section,there were 30 questions each of 2 marks which have changed now to 15 questions into 1.5 marks
  • For the Drawing Section,there were 2 questions of 40 marks which have changed now to 2 questions of 35 marks each and 1 question of 55 marks
  • For the General Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Section,there were 30 questions each of 2 marks which have changed now to 35 questions each of 1.5 marks
The number of questions from each of the sections are as follows-

Subjects No. of Questions
Drawing(PART A) 3
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning(PART B) 35
Total 53
The total marks allotted to each section are as follows-

Subjects Total Marks
Drawing(PART A) 70+55=125
PCM(PART B) 22.5
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning(PART B) 52.5
Total 200
The Mode of Exam for each of the section are as follows-

Subjects Mode of Exam
Drawing(PART A) paper & pencil
PCM(PART B) MCQ(online)
General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning(PART B) MCQ(online)


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