Basic Strategies while writing NATA 2024 exam

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Updated On : July 15, 2023


The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), the most popular entrance examination for admissions to Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) programmes, will be held each year in April as we know. Because NATA is administered by the Council of Architecture (CoA), it cannot be combined with the other examinations.

The NATA entrance exam is one of the tests that assess an aspirant's creativity and critical thinking skills. For your NATA exam preparation, you need to know that it is divided into two parts:

  • Multiple-choice tests (MCQ)
  • Drawings.

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The mathematics and general aptitude questions will be in multiple-choice format.

We have studied specific tips and tricks and expectations to help in your NATA preparation.

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What are the evaluators looking for in the Drawing Exam (Part A)?

Candidates must plan their preparation as per what evaluators are looking for in the drawing section. We have compiled some insights in our NATA basic preparation strategies that will help them understand the viewpoints of evaluators.

Drawing in Perspective

  • The reviewer will first notice the correct proportions and scale. For example, the ratio of humans to a store, a tree, or any other object).
  • How much detail can a candidate add to a specific object/element to demonstrate observation skills?
  • Accuracy in determining eye level.
  • Whether all of the lines in your drawing have the correct diverge and perspective to the vanishing point.

Logo/Composition/Signage in 2D

  • Try to avoid using logotypes.
  • The logo should be simple, memorable, and minimal.
  • Colouration quality
  • Colour combinations are important. Use fewer number colours whenever possible. If not specified, use no more than three or four colours.
  • Compositional innovation is based on simple designs or shapes.

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Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

3D or Object Design

  • Organizing and innovating various objects
  • The scale and proportions of objects concern one another.
  • Organizing and innovating various objects
  • The material's texture/finish (If specified)
  • The correct shade and shadow of an object is the angle, type, and direction of the light source.

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How to prepare for NATA entrance exam?

NATA Drawing Tips

The most important aspect of this section is to cultivate a vision for observing everyday objects and chores in all their minute details (shape, different views from different heights, scale and size of each concerning the human body, etc.). This will sharpen your observation skills and will undoubtedly help you with perspective sketches and 3D drawings in the long run. Continue to practice!

  1. Begin with the question about perspective/memory drawing. Take 5 minutes to determine your point of view and eye level. Don't start sketching right away. Try to finish your drawing in 35 minutes or less. If you are unable to complete it, disregard it and proceed to the next question.
  2. When sketching in 2D, start with a small piece of paper and then move on to your main drawing sheet. This should take no more than 10 minutes. Color it in the next 15 minutes before moving on to the next question.

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As per the NATA basic preparation strategies developed by Creative Edge candidates should wrap up the 3D pencil sketch in 10 minutes and the remaining 15-20 minutes for texture/shadow, etc., according to the question's requirements.

So you now have 15 minutes for any final touches or anything you missed in any of the questions. Try solving NATA sample papers within these time constraints.

nata mock test

nata Mock test

General Tips on How to prepare for NATA exam?

  • Aspirants should begin their preparation by creating a timetable. Go over the syllabus, plan your study strategy, and stay focused.
  • Understand the NATA 2024 Exam Pattern, including the distribution of marks, question pattern, and several questions asked in the exam.
  • Continue to practice Mock Tests and NATA previous year question papers/sample papers. It is said to be a powerful success mantra.
  • Identify your areas of weakness and work around them through getting NATA mock tests. Prepare according to your strengths and make the most of them.
  • Take small notes while studying any topic. These small notes help with revision because they save time. Candidates can review these brief notes at any time and from any location.
  • Try to learn good sketching methodologies on topics such as scale and proportion, light and shadow effects, sense of technical drawing, memory sketching, creating 3-Dimensional elements, and so on.
  • Practice sketching, landscapes, and everyday objects from memory.
  • Avoid stress at all costs. Adding unnecessary stress to the exam will only lead to a lack of confidence. Aspirants are advised to maintain a positive attitude and eat healthily.
  • Another critical aspect is preparing appropriate study materials. Studying from the right test prep will improve your knowledge while also saving you time.

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