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Chhattisgarh Judiciary Coaching Classes 2023 by Judiciary Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions

The expected cut-off for the Chhattisgarh judiciary examination for the unreserved category is between 62 and 67 for the preliminary examination and between 80 and 85 for the main examination.

Section 145 of the Code authorizes the Executive Magistrate to take cognizance of the dispute and settle the same by holding an enquiry into possession as distinguished from the right to possession or title.

Under Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code, “a person guilty of public nuisance who does any act or is guilty of an illegal omission which causes any common injury, danger or annoyance to the public or to the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the vicinity or which must necessarily cause injury, obstruction, danger or annoyance to persons who may have occasion to use any public right. 

The best books for preparing for the Chhattisgarh judiciary are; Textbook on Indian Penal Code by K.D Gaur, The Law of Evidence by Batuklal, Indian Contract Act by R.K. Bangia, Modern Hindu law by Paras Diwan, Limitation Act by J.D. Jain, and Civil Procedure with Limitation Act by C.K. Takwani.

An average student can easily pass the Chhattisgarh Civil Judge exam with the right strategy and in-depth knowledge of concepts.

The age limit to apply for the Chhattisgarh public service commission recruitment examination is between 21 to 35 years of age.

The general eligibility criteria to apply for the Chhattisgarh Judiciary examination are as follows: the candidate should be a citizen of India, be between 23 years to 35 years, and hold a degree in Law (LLB)

The CGPSC examination is conducted by the Chhattisgarh public service commission and Chhattisgarh high court jointly. They conduct this examination to recruit young and talented candidates interested in working in the judiciary department of Chhattisgarh high court.

The Chhattisgarh public service commission (CGPSC) judiciary examination consists of 3 stages, i.e. Preliminary examination, Mains examination, and Viva-Voce.

One of the top institutions for the judiciary is Judiciary Gold by Toprankers. It offers reasonably priced and easily accessible legal education courses and is affiliated with LegalEdge. You can attend the classes and download their user-friendly app. A Toprankers initiative called Judiciary Gold offers online & offline legal education. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for every subject taught by highly qualified faculty, together with recorded lectures, live online question-and-answer sessions, online exam series, study materials, and notes. Additionally, the lectures are offered in Hindi and English. They also offer thorough analysis reports so you can gauge your level of preparation.

Consider these characteristics before selecting a strategy if you are still unsure about which is the ideal one to employ to prepare for the legal test. Whichever suits you best, do you like to prepare at home in the comfort of your own home or are you willing to travel? Which option is most cost-effective for you depends on affordability.

You can frequently take more than 200 mock test series in the judiciary. For many disciplines and topics, there are also individual test series. You can also download free sample test questions from prior years to evaluate your preparation.

Yes, a lot of institutions offer online courses or evening and weekend programs. It would be ideal to enrol in online classes because they offer flexible scheduling, are less expensive, allow you to download the lectures, eliminate the need for class travel, and allow you to view the live video session on any device. Judiciary Gold is considered as a best option across India.

To become eligible for the CGPSC examination, one must be;

  • An Indian citizen
  • Under the age of 32 years
  • A graduate of a recognized law university in India with a bachelor’s degree in LL.B.
You can download the Chhattisgarh Civil Judge Syllabus from the notification portion on the official CGPSC website.


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