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SBI PO Job Profile | Growth Opportunities & Promotion

SBI PO Job Profile – Find the duties and responsibilities of a Probationary Officer at State Bank of India.

SBI PO Job Profile

Are you wondering what is life like for an SBI Probationary Officer? What duties and responsibilities you will have as an SBI PO? These type of questions are expected from candidates as the online application process for PO recruitment has started. And you should, really, ask such questions and accordingly, do some research on it. We are sure your hard work will bear fruit. And when you finally become a PO at SBI, you should be aware of what duties you will have to perform. Of course, there is a probation period of two years after appointment. During this period, you will be trained to perform your duties efficiently. However, it’s good to know some things beforehand. Scroll down to know more details regarding SBI PO Job Profile.

SBI PO Job Profile – Duties & Responsibilities

  • During the probation period, you have to perform all kinds of tasks including clerical work, loan processing, customer service.
  • Training will be provided in various fields – accounting, marketing, finance, billing, retail banking, rural banking.
  • You have to address customer issues regarding bank services and errors.
  • Also, you need to supervise others.
  • You need to verify all the cash transactions made by the clerks.
  • Moreover, you must be up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • You also need to issue ATM cards, demand drafts, chequebooks, etc.
  • Afterwards, you will also have to works on budgeting, investments, planning, etc.

SBI PO Growth Opportunities and Promotion

After successful completion of probation period, you will be appointed as Assistant Manager or Officer Middle Management Level Grade II. You have a great chance at growing professionaly within SBI. The career growth is fast and you will get many opportunities to grow further. Scroll down to see the hierarchy of posts.

Probationary Officer – > Deputy Manager – > Manager – > Chief Manager – > Assistant General Manager – > Deputy General Manager – > Chief General Manager – > Chief General Manager – > General Manager

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