Campus Ambassador


About Campus Ambassador

Our Campus Ambassador program is aimed to give entrepreneurial experience to students while they are still in college. Our CA’s are handpicked group of individuals with excellent communication skills, leadership qualities and marketing experience.

CA’s become our outlet in the campus. Being a CA is a responsibility and not to be taken lightly. CA’s will be required to handle training sessions, Email & Phone queries and various projects which we hand out time to time.

Expected Qualities

  • Passion to learn something beyond the regular textbook content.
  • Have the ability to promote new ideas and have strong social ties within and outside campus.
  • Ability to singe-handily complete a given task with absolute dedication with limited supervision.
  • Should be active of various social media platforms.
  • Should have an active internet and mobile internet

Role of a Campus Ambassador

  • Ambassadors are responsible for generating excitement, awareness and buzz about Toprankers initiatives and conduct Toprankers  activities on campus.
  • Promote brand by seeking out opportunities that will connect fellow students with Toprankers, and utilize social media to  further spread the word.
  • CAs build relationships with other groups on campus who have a desire to experience new things.
  • Assist in on/off-campus recruitment drives.

Time Commitment

CA’s roughly spends no more than 4-5 hours in a week. Time involvement would primarily depend on how frequently Toprankers launches new features and initiatives.


The CAs commit to a minimum of one 6-months and can apply to volunteer again as long as they are students of their respective colleges.


  • Gives an individual hands-on experience of marketing.
  • Opportunity to execute live campaigns in college there by building skills which are beyond the academic qualifications.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, CAs will get a letter of recommendation/experience certificate which shall be useful to  secure future job or internship.
  • Build Networking Skills and Corporate connections.
  • Get goodies, Gift Hampers and much more.

 Selection Process

  • Register online by applying to Campus Ambassador
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive email/call for a skype/telephonic interview.
  • 2-4 ambassadors will be selected from every college.