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How to Solve Coding Decoding Problems for SBI PO 2017 Exam

How to solve coding-decoding for SBI PO Exam

Hello People,

Are you preparing for SBI PO 2017? Do you face issues while solving coding- decoding questions of ‘Reasoning Ability’? If yes, then don’t worry. We have the right solution for you. In this article, we will illustrate techniques to solve Coding-Decoding Problems for SBI PO 2017 Exam.

SBI PO, being one of the most competitive examinations of all times, has the trickiest questions as well. It is important for students to know important short tricks and concepts on ‘Coding- Decoding’ to score well in this section. The shortcuts and tricks in this content will help you score high marks in Coding and Decoding section.

Coding and Decoding refers to an end- to- end process where the message from the receiver is encrypted into a specific code and then decoded at the receiver side. Coding and decoding is a part of reasoning section in every competitive exam. But, the level of difficulty of questions differ. In case of banking (IBPS), questions of coding and decoding come under Machine Coding and Decoding Topic.

How to Solve Coding- Decoding Problems- The right approach

Step 1- Pay attention to the numbers or alphabets given in the code keenly.

Step 2- Try to figure out the order by which the numbers/ words/ alphabets are arranged.

Step 3- Fill in the blank with the appropriate number/ letter/ word.

How to Solve Coding- Decoding Problems- Basics you must know

  • Position of letters- (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 …… Y=25, Z=26)
  • Position of letters (Opposite Direction)- (A=26, B=25 …… Z=1)
  • Opposites- (A opposite to Z, B opposite to Y and C opposite to X …… so on)

Types of Questions asked in bank exams:

  • Mixed Letter Coding
  • Mixed Number Coding
  • Letter Coding
  • Substitution

Mixed Letter Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you can find three or four complete messages represented in coded language and code for a particular word is sought for.
  • To analyse such codes, pick up two (any) two messages having a common word.
  • The word which is common will mean that word.


If 'ish lto inm' stands for 'neat and tidy'

If 'qpr inm sen' stands for 'small but neat'

If 'hsm sen rso' stands for 'good but erratic'

What would 'but' stand for?

Ans- sen

Explanation- When you see the second and third statements, the code word which is common is 'sen' and the word which is common is 'but'.

Mixed Number Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you can find groups of numbers coding a message.
  • Take two coded messages at one time, find the common codes and eliminate them.
  • The number left at the last is the one sought for.


If ‘786’ means ‘study very hard’,

If ‘958’ means ‘hard work pays’

If ‘645’ means ‘study and work’’.

Which code means for ‘very’?

1. 5   2. 7  3. 6  4.8  5. Either 6 or 7

Ans- Option 2 = 7


In the statements 1 and 2, the word common is ‘hard’ and the code digit common is ’8’. Therefore, ‘8’ means ‘hard’.

In the statements 1 and 3, the word common is ‘study’ and the code digit common is ’6’. Therefore, ‘6’ means ‘study’.

So, answer is 7.

Letter Coding-

  • In this type of coding questions, you need to figure out the order in which the code given is set.
  • Analyze the answer using the order of arrangement.


If MADRAS in coded form is written as NBESBT, how would BOMBAY be coded then?

      Ans- CPNCBZ


 In this, each of the letter in the word is moved in the manner of one step forward to get the code.


  • This method employs the substitution of object names with different names. Based on this relationship, the answer has to be traced and guessed.


Say if white is blue, blue is red, red is yellowyellow is greengreen is blackblack is violet and violet is orange, what would be color of human blood?

Ans- yellow

Explanation- Red is the colour of human blood. But as per the question, as red is named as yellow. So, the answer is yellow.

We hope that this article helps to prepare for Coding and Decoding questions for Reasoning of SBI PO exam. Stay tuned for more updates. Good luck!

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