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Prepare English Language for SBI PO 2017 in 2 months


Prepare English Language for SBI PO 2017 in 2 months

The State Bank of India PO Mains Exam is scheduled to be held on 4th June, 2017. It will be an online exam which is both objective and descriptive. The objective type consists of 4 sections namely (1) Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, (2) Data Analysis and Interpretation, (3) General Economics & Banking Awareness (4) English Language. Objective type is for 200 Marks and the duration is 3 Hours. The descriptive type which is for 30 Minutes carries 50 Marks which will be a test of the English language in Letter Writing & Essay. There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer (applicable for objective type questions only).

So, to crack the Mains examination, candidate needs to prepare with lot of planning and dedication. It is going to be difficult for someone who is average in English. This article will cover the preparation strategy for English section.

Preparation Tips for the English Language:

The English section in SBI PO Mains Exams can be divided into 4 parts namely:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Verbal Ability


Direct questions related to Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error spotting, Phrase Replacement, Word Association Pair, Phrase or Idiom Meaning, Spellings.

  1. Work on your vocabulary by reading Newspaper on a regular basis, make a note of vague words, and find out meanings. Whenever you come across a new word, try to find the meaning and its usage. You can practice keeping a note of these words and their synonyms and antonyms, it will be easier to refer.
  2. Solve previous years’ question papers.
  3. Go through articles on the easily confused words like ‘Affect and Effect’, ‘Loose and Lose’. Learn the meaning and use the words in your context.


The main topics related to Grammar related questions are:

  1. Error Spotting
  2. Phrase Replacement
  3. About 5-10 questions will be easily asked based on Grammar.
  4. Learn basic Grammar concepts like Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Degrees of Comparison, Subject-Verb Agreement, Conjunctions, Parts of Speech, Standard Construction, Adverbs, Number in Nouns, etc. These grammar rules help you in a long run.
  5. Practice Grammar questions on various apps available online these days. The reason, I recommend an app, is you cannot afford to lose out on time. You can comfortable practice such questions on apps while travelling as well.
  6. Try to attempt the SBI PO test series online. Check the solutions as well as they will have the easy shortcuts and tricks to solve.
  7. Check for the articles related to Error Spotting and Gerunds.

Reading Comprehension:

  1. The passages asked here are highly likely to be based on Finance, Banking and Economy, Geo-Politics, Social Issues, Business etc. Direct questions will be asked based on the passage. However, the correct option is sometimes similar to create confusion. So, answer wisely.
  2. The questions asked in this section are often fact-based, inference and vocabulary based. You may sometimes be asked to draw inferences on your understanding of the passage.
  3. Practice on comprehension questions on a daily basis, you can develop accuracy and good understanding.
  4. Make a habit of reading passages of medium length, little faster than usual. Understanding the intent of the passage is necessary to respond in minimal time.

Verbal Ability:

This section consists of 6 Para jumble sentences with 5 questions. Even questions like an odd one out can also be expected. Learn effective ways to solve them with the tips given here:

  1. Questions on sentence and Para completion may be asked, you will be needed to complete a sentence understanding the context of the paragraph.
  2. You must follow the logic of the passage while answering, the passage tells a story with a beginning, mid and end.
  3. Look for connecting words, it will help to link the story.

Accuracy and speed can only be developed by solving more and more mock tests. Take out time to revise the Grammar rules and use them effectively. You must try to attempt sectional mock tests on a daily basis until the exam. Try to attempt Vocabulary section first which is easier and scoring as well. Next, try to finish Reading Comprehension. Verbal Ability section must come next. If you are not strong in Grammar, keep it at the end as it may consume most of your time.

Prepare well, revise well, practice sample test papers and mock tests on a regular basis. All the Best.

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