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SSC CGL 2016 TIER II: How To Prepare For English Language

One of the most desired examinations conducted by SSC every year is CGL. If you are looking forward to SSC CGL exam then, it is essential to focus on its every section especially on the English Comprehension asked in CGL Tier 2 exam.

It is very important to qualify CGL Tier 2 English Language test in order to finally qualify in SSC CGL Exam.

SSC CGL English Language test

SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam English Language test

CGLE Tier-II Exam 2016 consists of English Comprehension as one of its major sections. The Table show the highlights of this section.

Paper Subject Total Questions Marks
ii English Language and comprehension 200 200

Although English Comprehension in SSC CGL 2016 is considered to be an easy section as compared to other sections but it is important to prepare it well. Your preparation must be flawless and to the point.  

Preparation tips for CGL Tier 2 English Language test 

  • Practice and learn topics and questions based on English language.
  • Get a good hold on really long unseen passages and paragraphs.
  • Practice from online sample papers, mock drills, test series and previous year question papers.
  • Fix your Sunday as practice day and take up full English Sample papers. Also solve grammar based sample papers.
  • Work on your vocabulary through newspapers, magazines and online sources. 
  • Make your own vocabulary scrapbook; add new words and meanings to it.
  • Enhance English Grammar by getting a grip on rules and techniques.
  • Solve full SSC CGL English Comprehension sample paper within strict timings and know about your weak areas.
  • Make a separate time table for the weak spots and practice accordingly.
  • Focus on solving maximum questions correctly in minimum time.
  • You can even purchase paid online sample papers/test series/mock drills to prepare CGL Tier 2 English Language test. Learn all the tricks and techniques from there.
  • Thoroughly prepare topics such as:

              (a) Error spotting
              (b) Sentence making Jumbled word/sentences

              (c) Idioms and phrases
              (d)  Fill ups etc

Subscribe to our website for the latest English Comprehension in SSC CGL mock tests/drills and papers.

Stay connected for more updates. We wish you good luck!

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How To Solve Spotting Errors Questions In English Language

The English section in the major government exams carries a lot of weightage of marks. There are numerous candidates that face a lot of difficulties in attempting this section well. This questions asked in this section comes from medium to difficult levels.

How to solve english spotting errors

In this article, we are providing you preparation tips and rules to Solve Spotting Errors Questions asked in English Section. Spotting errors is one of the most important and scoring subjects in English section. It is advisable to practice it well in order to achieve good score.

Rules to Solve Spotting Errors Questions

Most of the errors in spotting errors questions have common grammatical mistakes. For this, English Grammar must be very strong and clear.

To solve spotting errors questions effectively, you need to be aware of the basic grammar rules. If English Grammar is your weak spot then we must advise you to prepare it well.

Grab 6th till 10th English Grammar books and prepare from it.

Only basic concepts about English Grammar can help you in solving Spotting Errors Questions in English section well.

Let us explain Spotting Errors Questions pattern with certain examples,

  • Certain nouns possess a singular form but still represent plurality and thus, take a plural verb when used in a sentence.
  • The Police has come is an incorrect sentence.
  • The Police have come is correct sentence.
  • Certain nouns, especially of the collective category, are used as singular when they specify a unit.
  • The public were unanimous in their opinion is incorrect.
  • The public was unanimous in its opinion is correct.
  • There are some nouns which are always followed by singular verb.
  • Ethics are important is incorrect.
  • Ethics is important is correct.
  • Comparative adjectives are used to compare differences between the two.
  • He is superior to me in position is correct.
  • He is superior than me in position is incorrect.

The topics such as Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, adverbs etc must be known well. Major Spotting Errors Questions are asked from these topics in English Section.

We hope after going through this article you will be able to solve “Spotting Errors” questions easily. We wish you best of luck!

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How To Prepare For SSC CGL 2016 Tier II In 30 Days

SSC CGL Tier II: An examination with which thousands of hopes are associated and students are all set to crack it. A sound preparation plan, intact knowledge about SSC CGL exam Tier 2, regular practice of SSC CGL Tier 2 test series and mock tests, along with a positive attitude and robust time table will help you in cracking SSC CGL exam in just one month.

prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 in 1 month

If you are a new candidate to take up this exam then, here is the entire guide for you on how to prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam in one month.

Detailed table about the preparatory technique that you must follow:



How to qualify in this section?

Logical Reasoning

This section is all about how you apply logics and your approach to solve questions in minimum time.

  1. Be very clear in your logics and basic concepts.
  2. Practice topics such as blood relations, odd one out, interpretations, analogy, Data interpretation, directions, directions, and Venn diagrams.

English Comprehension

This section test precision over English language.

  1. Learn things related to English language and its grammar.
  2. Get a command on important topics such as:
  • Unseen passages and paragraphs.
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Comprehensions
  • Sentence making
  • Error finding
  • Sentence making and correction
  • Spelling
  • Words and Meaning
  • Foreign Language words and their meanings

Quantitative Aptitude

This section tests mathematical logics and techniques. Practice mathematics from class 8th class to 10th class so that you are very sure on solving Maths problems.

General Awareness

This section is all about testing General knowledge and current affairs.

  1. Keep yourself updated with daily affairs that are based on topics like:
  • Indian laws and amendments
  • Awards
  • Personalities
  • Historical dates
  • Geography
  • Environmental issues and updates 
  1. Read newspapers and magazines such as The Hindu, India Today, and Economic Times that are based on GK.
  2. Keep updating your knowledge base with recent important international and national affairs. 

You need to give mentioned hours for each section thoroughly.


Hours/ Day

Quantitative apt questions

3 hours/day

Reasoning questions

2 hours/day

English grammar and comprehension

2 hours/day

General awareness

We hope that you will be able to prepare thoroughly for the SSC CGL Tier II with heights of confidence. We wish you good luck!

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SSC CGL 2016 Tier II- Amazing Tips To Score Maximum Marks

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”

When an examination was on the top of my head, the first thing which I used to do is to figure out important things to prepare and short cut tricks to prepare which will enable me to easily get through. But then, appropriate resources were necessary in my “last minute preparation”. A smart approach will be more helpful in this case instead of hard core preparation.

The SSC or Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has completed the SSC CGL Tier 1 examination and is all set to hit the exam centres with Tier II level. Students aspiring for SSC CGL jobs have to set their goals for Tier II as its level II would be much more different and may be a bit tougher than Tier I. The SSC CGL Tier II examination will consist of the following papers:

Paper-I & II 

Compulsory for all categories. Paper I tests your Quantitative ability while Paper II tests your command over English language.


Only for those who have applied for Statistical Investigators Grade II and Compilers

Paper IV 

Only for those who have applied for Assistant Audit Officer

Let us take a look at the pattern of SSC CGL 2016 Tier II:



Maximum Marks

Number of Questions

Exam Duration and Timings


Quantitative Ability



2 Hours,

10 AM to 12 Noon


English Language & Comprehension



2 Hours,

2 PM to 4 PM





2 Hours,

2 PM to 4 PM


General Studies (Finance and Economics)


To be announced

2 Hours,

10 AM to 12 Noon

The schedule of conduction of the SSC CGL Tier II exam will be as follows:

1st day

Paper I and Paper II

2nd day

Paper III and Paper IV

The tier II examination is said to be conducted in the following tentative dates:

13th August 2016 (Saturday)

14th August 2016 (Sunday)

Let us discuss some of the tips and tricks which will help you score the maximum marks:

  • Performance Analysis: Take mock tests and make it a habit of your daily prepare regime. It will help you to analyse your performance and make a note of your weak areas, Groom your weak areas and you will be all set to rock!

  • Improve your speed: Speed is an extremely essential factor in every attempt. It will determine your performance graph. Try to increase your speed as it will make you solve questions faster and you will end up solving many questions.

  • Practice is the best of all instructions: Make it a habit of practising as many number of questions as you can. Practice will sharpen your skills and make you an expertise.

  • Keep calm and revise: Revise all the topics which are important thoroughly. Make sure you take breaks in between revision sessions as the breaks will revitalize you.

  • If you believe in yourself, everything is possible: Believe in yourself that you can achieve your goals and nothing can stop you from succeeding.

We hope that this article helps you to get an insight of “smart and effective preparation” for the SSC CGL Tier II examination. Hope to see you again. Stay tuned for more updates. We wish you good luck!

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Preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer

Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer

Assistant Audit Officer is a newly added post in SSC CGL and it is one of the highest grade pay as well. It has become one of the most sought job post under SSC CGL. Candidates are posted under The Indian Audit & Accounts department, the organization responsible for auditing the accounts of Central/State governments and Public sector companies.

Stages of Examination in SSC CGL AAO Exam

There will be Two Tier Written Objective Exam under the SSC CGL AAO Exam which is followed by Document Verification (and preferably an interview as well) in order to finally place a candidate in a respective department.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer Exam

The Competition gets intense at this level. It is mandatory to prepare yourself accordingly. You must prepare efficiently to qualify the same.

  • An aspiring candidate needs to attempt 3 Papers within the span of two days under SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer Exam.

  • The Papers will be based on Arithmetical Ability, English Language and General Studies.

Preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer

How to prepare Arithmetical Ability Section?

  • Practice a lot for this section. You need to make your calculations faster and accurate within minimal time possible.

  • Learn all the techniques and formulas as per the topics.

  • Practice from NCERT books and magazines.

  • Work on your tricks and shortcuts.

How to prepare English Language Section?

  • Practice long unseen passages and comprehensions.

  • Practice English Grammar based questions and topics

  • Practice topics such as Jumbled words, Sentences formation, error spotting, words-meanings etc.

How to prepare General Studies Section?

  • Refer GK based magazine daily.

  • Write down all the current and international news date wise on a scrapbook.

  • Practice GK based question online and offline.

Apart from this, other important Preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer are:

  • Work on your speed regularly.

  • Spot your weak topics and subjects. Schedule and work on a plan efficiently.

  • Read and apply good time management principles and suggestions.

You can also refer to our website for all the latest updates on SSC CGL Tier 2 Assistant Audit Officer Exam.

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Last Minute Preparation Tips for SSC CGL Tier - 2 Exam 2016

CGL or, Combined Graduate Level exam tests lakhs of applicants every year. SSC CGL Exam is a written examination that has two main tiers:

  • 1st tier is an objective type multiple choice examination.

  • 2nd Tier examination is also a multiple choice based question paper.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for SSC CGL tier 2

It is important to qualify both the exams to get placed.

Quick/Last minute preparation tips for CGL tier 2

Last minute preparation must be effective. It must prepare you towards you aim. So, we have jotted down crucial preparation tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam in the form of a table as given below. These definitely will help you in scoring high marks in SSC CGL Tier 2 Examination.

Practice with a watch

You get limited time to solve your question paper so it is necessary to practice or prepare with a stop watch. This will let you know you are lagging and where you need to improve.

Make a strategy or time table for weak topics

If you know about your weak areas and topics then develop a strong strategy. Stick to it and practice a lot.

Develop your own shortcuts and techniques

You must devise your own techniques and shortcuts especially for the sections such as Quantitative aptitude and reasoning sections.

Do not miss previous year question/ sample papers

Always go through and solve previous year sample/question papers. This will definitely gives you an idea about the type of paper that you can expect or questions you must prepare.

Revision is an important key

You must revise your syllabus in small batches. Do not try to do it at once. Revise it thoroughly. Take up 3-4 topics daily.

Online practice is necessary

Practicing through online sample papers/mock tests/drills/questionnaires is important. You get a good hold on your speed, accuracy and time.

You can buy online material as well to practice efficiently.

We are sure that these Last minutes tips for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam will take you forward towards your aim.

You can subscribe to our official website to get all the latest updates on SSC CGL Exam 2016.

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Sure Success Strategy & Tricks for CGL tier 2 Exam

CGL Tier 2 Exam is a very important step that needs to be qualified in order to get placed in the government organization. You have to prepare really well to qualify CGL tier 2 Exam.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the sure success Strategy & tricks for CGL tier 2 Exam. You must follow these to qualify CGL tier 2 Exam.

Sure Success strategy for SSC CGl tier 2 exam

It is important that you must dedicate minimum 7-8 hours of daily preparation and rather than making time schedule, you should list down the topics you should prepare per day.

Little things like these tips will make you prepare well and efficiently:

  • Give yourself dedicated Short Study Hours: You must never sit and study for long hours. You must give yourself small study hours. One thing that you must keep in mind is study with full concentration and dedication.

  • Practice online through SSC CGL Tier II Mock Tests: It is very important for you to practice online through various online study material and mock tests. You can even buy paid study material or papers to study and practice well.

  • Target Basic concepts: Do not miss basic concepts. If your basics are clear and strong then you can solve hard questions easily.

  • Set your daily targets: Set achievable targets for yourself, like studying 4-5 comprehensive topics in an hour or 7-8 small topics in an hour.

This will boost your speed as your mind will not feel over burdened.

  • Work on your speed: A perfect blend of speed and accuracy is what you need to qualify CGL tier 2 Exam. Work on your speed daily. Set clocks and then start practicing.

  • Devise shortcuts and Tricks: Yes, you must work on inventing shortcuts and tricks. This will save your time and will make your calculations faster.

  • Read and Write well for English Section: Though English section is easy but you must read and write to enhance your efficiency over this language.

These Sure success Strategy & tricks for CGL tier 2 Exam will let you conquer this examination.

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SSC CGL 2016 : Answer Key Released for Tier 1 Exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has issued an important notice regarding the answer keys for SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 examination that was conducted recently from August 27 to September 11. Answer keys for SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 exam have been displayed at the official website.

SSC CGL 2016 Official Notice

Staff Selection Commission had conducted the exam online for the first time this year. This year over 8 lakh candidates appeared for the exam. Candidates need to log in to the official website using the given user id and password to access the answer keys.

SSC CGL 2016 Official Notice

SSC has also provided online application facility for the candidates to submit their objections on the official answer keys released by the Commission. The same can be done by logging into the web portal by paying a nominal fee of Rs. 100 per answer for which a candidate wishes to object. The option of submitting the objections to SSC CGL answer key would be closed at 5 pm on September 26, so the candidates have five days to analyse the answer keys and submit objections.

SSC CGL 2016 Tier 2 will be held in November while the Tier 3 exam will be conducted in January. The final results would be announced by the end of April 2017. The results of SSC CGL Tier 1 examination will be available by the last week of September or first week of October, 2016.

Link for Candidates Response Sheet, Correct Answer and Submission of Representations


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Attention all the SSC CGL Aspirants! We have an important update for you. The SSC or Staff Selection Commission has released an important notification regarding SSC CGL 2016. The candidates who has issued their admit cards for SSC CGL examination Tier I (Computer based) dated 25- 8- 2016, 30- 8- 2016 and 2- 9 -16 have an important update for them that the commission has announced Sri Nagar as its center.

The Commission has finalized to conduct OMR sheet based examination on 25th September 2016 at Sri Nagar Centre whose examinations were postponed. Those candidates can download their admit cards from www.sscnwr.org. Please make the necessary arrangements for your journey to Sri Nagar and please make sure you reach early to settle down well before the examination starts.

For more updates please visit : http://ssc.nic.in/

Stay connected for more updates. We wish you good luck for the examination.

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SSC CGL Tier II 2016– Exam Details and Pattern

“Luck favours the prepared”

Do you remember the days of exam preparation? When the time- table of the examination is released and everybody preparing for it working fingers to bone. When the joy of the end of one examination prevails, the fear of the upcoming slots of the examination haunts us. The same is the situation for the students aspiring for SSC CGL 2016. SSC CGL has successfully completed the Tier 1 examination and is now all set with the cut- throat competition for the “SSC CGL Tier II” examination.

After the completion of the ‘Tier I” examination, the next big challenge for the SSC CGL aspirants is the “Tier II” examination. The Tier II examination consists of 4 papers: Paper I, Paper II, Paper III and Paper IV. Like that of the Tier I examination, all the questions will be of objective type (multiple type questions).

Paper I and II- Paper I tests your ability your skills in “Quantitative Aptitude” whereas paper II tests your ability in English.

Paper III- Only for the candidates applied for the post of “Statistical Investigators” Grade II and Compilers.

Paper IV- This paper is meant for those who have applied for the posts of “Assistant Audit Officer”.

SSC CGL 2016 Tier 2 Exam : Details of all papers:



Maximum Marks

Number of Questions

Exam Duration and Timings


Quantitative Abilities



2 Hours,

10 AM to 12 Noon


English Language & Comprehension



2 Hours,

2 PM to 4 PM





2 Hours,

2 PM to 4 PM


General Studies (Finance and Economics)


To be announced

2 Hours,

10 AM to 12 Noon

The Paper I will be conducted on the first day and the Paper III and Paper IV will be conducted on the second day. As of now, some of the tentative schedules for SSC CGL are: 13th August 2016 (Saturday) and 14th August 2016 (Sunday)

Quantitative Aptitude (Paper I):

  • There will be 100 questions each of 2 marks.
  • The total time duration will of be 2 hours.
  • The level of the questions which will be asked are not expected to be of easy level. So, all the aspirants are advised to practice well and increase their speed.
  • Negative marking will be as – 0. 50 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
  • Important topics to focus on - Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Data Interpretation and Percentage etc.

English Comprehension (Paper II):

  • There will be all total of 200 questions each carrying 1 mark.
  • Negative marking will be as – 0. 25 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
  • Most of the questions asked will be asked from the grammar topics. So, try to focus on the areas of grammar in which you are weak are practice. But if you are sound enough in your grammar skills, you will easily be able to score well in this section.

Statistics (Paper III):

  • There will be all total of 100 questions.
  • The total time duration will of be 2 hours.
  • Negative marking will be as – 0. 50 mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
  • Important topics to focus on - Skewness and Kurtosis, Correlation and Regression, Probability Theory, Time Series Analysis, Sampling Theory, Statistical Inference etc.

General Studies: Finance and Economics (Paper 4):

  • Paper IV: Especially meant for candidates seeking positions of “Assistant Audit Officer”.

We hope that this information will help you to gear up your preparation for SSC CGL Tier II 2016. We wish you best of luck!

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