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SSC CHSL Tier 1 Questions Asked - 7th January 2017 (Section Wise and All Slots)

Staff Selection Commission is orgainising Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (CHSL) for the recriutment of Lower Division Clerks (LDC) , Data Entry Operators (DEO) and other staffs.

SSC-CHSL-Tier-1-Questions-Asked- 7th-Jan-2017

There exist 5134 vacancies in total. The exam will be conducted from 7 January 2017 to 5 February 2017.

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SSC CHSL 2016 Tier-I Exam Shift Details:

The exam will be conducted in following shifts:

SSC CHSL Tier I Exam will be held from 7thJanuary to 9th January . The shift or slot timings for the first three days will be as follows:


First Slot (Morning Shift)

10.00 AM to 11.15 AM

Second Slot (Evening Shift)

4.15 PM to 5.30 PM


For the remaining days, i.e from 10thJanuary to 8th February , Exam will be held in three shifts as follows:


First Slot (Morning Shift)

10.00 AM to 11.15 AM

Second Slot (Afternoon Shift)

1.15 PM to 2.30 PM

Third Slot (Evening Shift)

4.15 PM to 5.30 PM

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked on 7th Jan 2017

Q1. The LCM of two numbers is 2900% more than their HCF and sum of LCM and HCF of two number is 310. If one of the number is 20, find the other number?

Ans: 150

Q2. In 40 L mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk to water is 7:1.In order to make the ratio of milk and water 3:1,the quantity of water (in liters) that should be added to the mixture will be

Ans: 6 2/3

Q3.Three persons walk from place A to place B. their speed are in the ratio 4 : 3 :5. The ratio f the times taken by them to reach B will be

Ans - 15:20:12

Q4.The average age of a woman and her daughter is 21 yr. The ratio of their ages is 1 respectively. What will be the ratio of their ages after 5 yr ?

Ans: 10 : 3

Q5.Find the value of for which the distance between the points and is 10 units.

Ans: 9,3


SSC CHSL General Intelligence & Reasoning Questions Asked on 7th Jan 2017

Q1. America was _________ by Columbus.

Ans: discovered

Q2. He shows great ability _________ Mathematics.

Ans: in

Q3.The boys ______whom I was playing are all my good friends.

Ans: with

Q4.___________ can be no excuses this time, students.

Ans: there

Q5. Octopuses are mostly shy and _____ harmless to human beings.

Ans: generally


SSC CHSL English Questions Asked on 7th Jan 2017

Q1. In each of the following questions, select the related letter/word/number from the given alternatives.
BEHK : PSVY : : ADGJ : ?


Q2. In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters /number from the given alternatives.
49 : 216 : : 36 : ?


Q3. There are five friends-Satish, Kishore, Mohan, Anil and Rajesh. Mohan is the tallest. Satish is shorter than Kishore but taller than Rajesh. Anil is little shorter than Kishore but little taller than Satish. Who is taller than Rajesh but shorter than Anil?

Ans: Satish

Q4. From the given alternative words, select the words which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.


Q5.If DEAN is written as NOKX, how NEED be written in that code?



SSC CHSL General Awareness Asked on 7th Jan 2017

Q1.Centre Grants Drought Relief Assistance for which state?

Ans: Karnataka

Q2. Which Country to Help in Developing Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Varanasi Smart Cities?

Ans: Japan

Q3.Who has inaugurated theAssam International Agri Horti Show?

Ans: Sarbananda Sonowal

Q4. India has signed theDTAC Amendment Protocol with which country?

Ans: Kazakhstan

Q5. 2017 Island Tourism Festival Begins in which island?

Ans: Andaman and Nicobar Island

Q6. Who is the CM of Assam?

Ans: Sarbananda Sonowal

Q7. Which Country Launched the World’s Longest Bullet Train Shangri-la of the World?

Ans: China

Q8. Which state to Provide Monetary Help of Rs. 1000 to Single Women?

Ans: Telangana

Q9. Droom has tied up with which bank for quick sanction of loans?

Ans: Axis Bank

Q10. 16th Financial Stability and Development Council Meeting was held in which city?

Ans: New Delhi

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