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Top 10 tricks to crack SBI PO Mains 2016: Reasoning and Computer Aptitude

With the SBI PO Mains 2016 ahead on the way, we would suggest you “Be ready to give your best”. Every aspirant who dreams of craking SBI PO Mains considers it a task which is “next to impossible”. But, there is no sort of impossibility associated with SBI PO Mains. All you need is a smart preparation plan, some genuine practice and confidence and you are all set to go!

Reasoning is an area which is completely based on logic. It is a blend of mathematical skill where logical abilities and is one of the most scoring sections in the SBI PO Mains 2016. The only strategy to score well in the reasoning section is practice, practice and practice. The following list contains some of the important topics in this section:

  • Blood relations

  • Syllogism

  • Statements and conclusion

  • Missing character

  • Directions

  • Seating arrangements

  • Ranking

  • Data sufficiency

  • Puzzles

  • Non- verbal reasoning

  • Coding- decoding

  • Analogy

  • Classification

Tips to score well in “Reasoning” section:

a. Questions from chapters like syllogism, coding- decoding or inequality are less time consuming. You can start from these questions as after solving these you will be left with ample time to solve rest of the questions from other sections.

b. For the questions from the topic “data sufficiency”, read the instructions and understand them. In some of the cases, the order may change but not the instructions, thereby changing the answer options. So, you need to answer this segment after proper understanding of the instructions.

c. Practice some of the “input- output” type questions which are asked in the bank PO exams on a mandatory basis. You can a few questions of this category from the previous year papers.

d. Solve logical questions as they will give you an idea of different types of logics. Wherever you feel you are unable to grasp the logic, try to translate the logic of the situation in an easier way by which you can understand eg- pictorial representations etc. This method will make life simpler!

e. If you are not confident enough about questions from puzzle and seating arrangement topics, avoid them to the most possible extent as they are time consuming.

Now, let us come to the section of “Computer aptitude” . This section tests the ability of the individual to understand the basics functionalities of a computer. As we all are well aware of, both public and private sectors heavily rely on computers for all kinds of work and transactions. So, it is the “urgent need of the hour” on the part of SBI to make sure that every candidate stepping in has a sound knowledge of computer aptitude.


The following topics are generally asked in the computer aptitude section:

  • History of Computers

  • Generation of Computer

  • Memory

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • MS PowerPoint

  • Operating System

  • Internet


Tips to score well in “Computer Aptitude” section:

a. Go through various resources on computer knowledge.

b. Read different notes from online computer teaching classes.

c. Browse online for various lecture session for computer coaching.

d. Solve questions and tests related to computer aptitude.


We hope this article will be helpful for you. Stay tuned for more updates. Good luck!



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