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Tips and Tricks to crack SBI PO 2017 mains examination : English Language

English language, a language which acts a “communication window” and has widespread applications in every sector. The aspirants who have appeared for SBI Prelims and have a hardcore ambition of cracking the SBI PO Mains 2017, they have to proficient enough in the “English Language” section along with the other sections. English language tests check your degree of compatibility with the language.

The English language section usually consists of a few prominent topics like:

a. Reading Comprehension

b. Error spotting

c. Para Jumbles

d. Cloze test

e. Grammatical correction of sentences

In this article, we have come up with a few tips which will help you to “hit a home run” in the English language section:

Reading comprehension:

·         For the section of reading comprehension questions in the SBI PO Mains 2017, read the questions first and trey to figure out the sentences in the passage to answer them. This process is time saving and you need not read the entire passage. However, if you are asked questions based on the theme of the passage, skim through the passage in one shot. In this way, you will get a brief idea regarding the central idea of the passage.

  • Try to be familiar with quite a few English words so that you can instantly answer the synonyms and antonyms questions.
  • Read English newspapers on a daily basis to improvise your command over English language and to enhance your reading and writing capabilities.
  • Whenever you come across new words, try to find out the meanings, note them and try to use them in sentences. Try to learn 10 new words with their meanings on an everyday basis.

Error spotting:

·         You have to be very flexible with English grammar for this section. If you are proficient in grammar, only then you would be able to spot out the blunders in the sentences. For most of the questions, error will be with the syntaxes of “subject- verb agreement”. Also, there can be many questions from subject tense agreement.

Para Jumbles:

·         To answer this segment, you need to be familiar with structure and formation of sentences.

Cloze test: 

  • Go through different types of words. Those will help you in enhancing your skills in English language.

Grammatical correction of sentences:

·         For this segment, you need to have a good idea of grammar. Go through different materials for grammar (for example- Wren and Martin etc.) and keep practising questions based on grammar correction. Moreover, also try to have a sound knowledge of vocabulary as it is also required.

We hope this article will help you and make you deliver the best of your preparation in the SBI PO Mains 2017 examination. Stay tuned for more updates. Good luck!

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