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How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO 2017 in 2 Months


SBI PO exam is directed by the State Bank of India to recruit Probationary Officers. The objective is to recruit young graduates for the Managerial post in the Bank. The preliminary examination is due to be conducted on 29th & 30th April and 6th & 7th May'17. The aspirants must be in the midst of preparation. As you know that the syllabus is vast, you must prepare a study plan. With sufficient preparation and the correct strategy, once can successfully crack the prelims.

Exam Pattern for Prelims:

SBI Prelims tests the candidates in English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. It is a computer based exam of 100 marks with 100 questions and the duration is for an hour. Quantitative Aptitude carries 35 marks for 35 questions.

Main Chapters in Quantitative Aptitude:

According the analysis of various question papers that came in the past, you must concentrate on the below chapters first as they appear for sure as well carry a major chunk of the score. Hence, concentrating in these chapters certainly help in answering 40-50% of the questions.

  1. Number Series (5 questions)
  2. Simplification (5 questions)
  3. Data Interpretation (5-10 questions)
  4. Quadratic Equation (0-5 questions)

Preparation Plan/Approach/Strategy:


Prepare well in this area, 20% comes from this chapter alone. The candidates must make a habit of quick mental calculations, it comes with practice. These questions can be solved quickly and easily if you practice this habit. Also, practice short tricks and methods of calculation. Practice the BODMAS Rule, approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds & Indices, Decimals and Percentages.

Number Series:

These questions are simple in nature and easy to solve if and only if you know the proper and correct approach. It again comes with a lot of practice though. One must solve a minimum of 300 questions in Number Series on different patterns. If you are unable to solve in 30 seconds while answering in the exam, move on to the next one.

Data Interpretation:

This should be practiced on a daily basis. Practice 1 set each on Tables, Pie Chart, Line Graph, Bar Graph and Miscellaneous questions involving word problems. You can expect up to 2 questions in the exam. This is easier to solve as involves less calculation work.

Quadratic Equations:

Questions based on this chapter are easier to solve. They are purely concept based and can be solved quickly and accurately with sufficient practice. You must practice around 100 questions to be proficient in this. You cannot ignore such chapter because it helps to score better.

Scoring Chapters:

Concentrate on the below chapters to begin with:

  1. Average
  2. Percentages
  3. Profit & Loss
  4. Interest
  5. Ratio & Proportion

Preparation Plan/Approach/Strategy:

These chapters are basic, so start with Percentage average. These depend on the basic understanding and the application of simple formulae. You can practice at any given point. Average, Percentage, Ratios are also likely to be asked in Data Interpretation. So, these are the first things you must get prepared with thoroughly.

Challenging Chapters:

There are about 6-7 questions that are asked from these chapters, they are tricky chapters. You must prepare thoroughly in these chapters.

  1. Permutations & Combinations
  2. Probability
  3. Time, Speed & Distance (including Boat & Stream)
  4. Algebra
  5. Time & Work (including Pipes & Cisterns)
  6. Mensuration & Geometry
  7. Mixtures & Alligations

Preparation Plan/Approach/Strategy:

Plan to complete 3 chapters in a week.

In Permutations & Combinations, letters of a word arrangement are asked. Arrangements in a circle, selection type problems are commonly asked. Ensure to work on a minimum of 50 sample questions.

You can find various problems related to Time, Speed and Distance. Sometime 1, or even 2-3 questions are asked based on this concept. These problems are tricky, so solve enough of them to become thorough.

In Time & Work, questions on Work Efficiency, Wages and Pipes & Cisterns. Solve at least 50 problems of each type to get hands on.

Remember Formula in Mensuration. There are topics like, Cubes, Cuboids, Square, Rectangle, Cylinder, Sphere, Circle, Semicircle, Cone etc., prepare a sheet with the formulae at the time of preparation to actually remember these better.

One chapter that is of less importance is Data Sufficiency. The questions will be something like 1 question and 2 statements will be given, the candidate has to decide if these 2 statements are sufficient to answer the give question.

Overall, solve the previous years’ questions papers, mock tests, online tests on a regular basis.

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