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How to Prepare Reasoning Ability for SBI PO 2017 in 2 months

How to prepare reasoning ability for SBI PO in 2 months

The topics in PO Mains exam are Reasoning, Data Interpretation, English, General Awareness, Computer and Banking Awareness. 

This article will deal with the preparation tips for Reasoning Ability which carries 35 marks. Questions related to these topics come under reasoning: Syllogism, Seating Arrangement – Circular table and Line (North & South), Puzzle, Blood Relation, Inequality or Decision Making, Data Sufficiency, Logical Reasoning, Input Output, Number series, Statement and Argument, Passage and conclusion, Coding and decoding, Order and ranking, making judgments.  

Main chapters to prepare for Reasoning Ability:

According to the data available with us based on the previous years’ papers, the below chapters are the important ones.

  1. Coding & Decoding
  2. Inequalities
  3. Syllogisms
  4. Puzzles (Seating Arrangement and Double Line up)

Strategy to attain perfection in the above chapters:

  • Understand the basic fundamentals of coding and decoding. Coding in Fictitious language or by letter shifting may appear. Practice about 15 sets on coding in fictitious language and try at least 50 questions on Coding by letter shifting. This should help you enough to answer in the exam.
  • 5 questions are likely to appear in Solving Inequalities. Practice around 150-200 different types of Qs from Mathematical Inequalities. Prepared for coded inequalities too which helps you score 5-7 marks. Practice 5 sets on each topic just before the exam.
  • 5 questions of Syllogisms are likely to appear. You need clarity in this topic which comes with lot of practice. Practice a minimum of 200 questions in this topic. Use Venn diagrams to solve the questions, it is the simplest way to solve.
  • There may be 1 puzzle of 5 questions based on Double Lineup OR Scheduling. Questions appear longer but are easy to solve. Practice at least 50 sets under each type of puzzles. There may be around a couple of questions based on Data Sufficiency. Problems based on Blood relations, Directions & Distances, Ordering & Ranking, Coding & Decoding in Fictitious Language etc.

Scoring chapters to prepare for Reasoning Ability:

  1. Ordering & Ranking
  2. Arrangement & Pattern
  3. Analogy
  4. Binary Logic

Strategy to attain perfection in the above chapters:

  • Order and Ranking usually are quite easy and direct, practice 10 comprehensions under this type.
  • Practice at least 20 sets each on Arrangement & Pattern as well as Random Alphabet Sequences.

Questions are mostly based on 5 numbers each of 3 digits or a series of numbers in Number Arrangement.The same applies for Random sequence of alphabets, it will be alphabets instead of numbers.

  • Practice 40 questions on Analogy each on Number based analogies, Letter based, GK based and Meaning based analogies. These analogies are usually quick to answer but tricky as well.
  • Practice 60 questions on Binary Logic.

Lastly, chapters like Directions & Distances, Blood Relations and Family Tree are Tricky. Practice 50 questions on Directions & Distances, try to work on the difficult ones. Try to understand the Blood Relations and Family Tree, you can try to draw family trees for your clarity. Practice 50 questions on Blood Relations.

Few tips and tricks:

  • While practicing mock tests, ensure to score 15 marks.
  • Solve the easier and quick to finish questions than the challenging ones.
  • Attempt all the Coding-Decoding, Inequalities, Arrangement & Pattern, Analogies, Ordering & Ranking, Data sufficiency questions first.
  • Move to the problems based on Input Output, Syllogisms, Blood Relations and Directions & Distances.
  • Next, solve the Puzzles and Seating Arrangement, one can solve this in about 10 minutes with a good practice.
  • Try to finish within 25 minutes, and do not answer the questions you cannot solve because, there is a negative scoring of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

All the best 

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