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How To Crack SBI PO 2017 in 2 Months

This is the time of the year where in many graduates aspire to get into either professional courses or prepare for some competitive examination to get into a Government job. SBI Bank PO is one such exam which is considered as one of the prestigious jobs one can aspire. It is certainly difficult to crack such exam but with an intense preparation, one can crack it. For cracking SBI PO 2017, one needs to make a schedule and sure shot preparation tips. This article attempts to provide sure shot tips to crack SBI PO 2017 Exam in 2 Months.

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Tips To Crack SBI PO Exam in 2 Months:

Given below are the tips to crack SBI PO in just 2 months! We recommend our students to follow them and make a habit of scoring high:

  • Test of English comes in most of the competitive exams. In SBI Bank PO Main exam, there is an additional section which is a descriptive paper and Group Discussion. Descriptive paper is a written test in English which and the topics such Letter Writing & Essay writing.
  • English language is the language of communication, hence the candidate is tested in Group discussion & Interview.
  • Make it a habit of checking for meanings of the words you are unaware of, so, your dictionary comes in handy. Prepare a list of words on a daily basis and allot some time to know about the word list.
  • Knowing about the rules of the grammar is the rule of your thumb. Get well acquainted with the rules. Wren and Martin book of grammar is like a bible, so please keep it handy to refer as and when required.
  • Include a practice where you make a sentence with the new words every day.
  • Reading a good English News paper helps. It covers 2 things, one is improving vocabulary, your general awareness and current affairs will also get covered.
  • Make bullet points of the important news, flash cards help in your last minute revision.
  • Solve previous year’s exam papers of SBI Bank PO. Evaluate and see which section usurps most of your time.
  • Make a note of Books & Authors Winners of major awards / prizes / sports competitions, Committees – Purpose & Chairmen, Abbreviations, World Leaders, Important persons, Major dates / developments in History, Science etc.
  • Make a habit of reading Editorial and other reports on the centre-spread of the newspaper.
  • Listening to the news on BBC, DD News helps you pick up the correct pronunciation that might help you while talking in the group discussions and interview.
  • One of the best practices is self-evaluation. Like you test yourself in written by attempting mock-tests, try to read aloud and record on your phone. Later, hear the recording and correct yourself. By doing so, you can improve your pronunciation, builds confidence as well.
  • Interact with your friends and participate in discussions among yourself. Ensure that, all of you discuss in English. This helps in overcoming the fear of public speaking and develops your thought process.

All these tips help you prepare well for the SBI PO Bank Exam.

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