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Analysis of 4th slot of SBI PO Prelims- 9th July

Here is the end of the final slot of SBI Prelims held today i.e 9th of July. SBI has finally managed to conduct all the four slots on 9th July in a smooth and efficient manner. We have now come up the analysis of the 4th slot to help you get some idea on the composition of the 4th slot of SBI PO Prelims 2016.

The pattern of all four sections were as follows:


No of questions

Maximum marks


Quantitative Aptitude



1 hour

English language



Reasoning ability




The overall analysis is important, no doubt, but the in detail analysis will help you even more. Detailed analysis will give you an idea of the composition of all the sections in detail.

Detailed analysis # English Language: (Difficulty level : difficult> moderate> easy)

a. Reading comprehension- 10 questions (moderate)

b. Close test(technology based)- 5 questions (easy)

c. Parajumble (Moderate)- 5 questions (moderate)

d. Spotting error- 5 questions (moderate)

e. Fill in the blanks- 5 questions (easy)

Detailed analysis # Reasoning ability: (Difficulty level : difficult> moderate> easy)

a. Puzzle (7 questions, different boxes with different shapes)- 5 questions – moderate

b. Puzzle (Months)- 5 questions – moderate

c. Linear puzzle (8 people sitting and facing North South in same line- moderate

d. Puzzle(8 persons)- 5 questions (moderate- tough)

e. Comparison puzzle – 5 questions (moderate)

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