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World’s first daily driverless bus service launched in Lyon, France

The world’s first driverless bus service began carrying passengers in the first week of September 2016 in Lyon, France.
•    The buses include features like LiDAR radar technology and motion sensors to help it avoid collisions.
•    They’re equipped with a range of detectors that allow them to know exactly where they are.
•    It can hold up to 15 passengers.
•    The bus is designed by French company Navya.
•    The electric buses were tested in several French cites and in Switzerland before coming to Lyon.
•    They are also set to undergo trials in Dubai.
•    LiDAR is a surveying technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser light.
•    It is sometimes considered an acronym of Light Detection and Ranging.
•    However, it was originally created as a portmanteau of light and radar.
•    It is popularly used as a technology to make high-resolution maps, with applications in geodesy, geomatics, archaeology, geography, geology, etc.

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