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World Bank loans 100 million dollar for Karnataka water projects

Karnataka Government on 24 May 2016 signed 100 million US dollar loan and project agreement with World Bank.
It was to support ‘Karnataka Urban Water Supply Modernization project’.
•    The project will be implemented over a period of six years, initially in the twin cities of Hubballi-Dharwad, with provision for other eligible cities to join the project at a later date.
•    The Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation has hired a professional water supply operating company for improving the water supply system, as also to manage the refurbished system through a 12-year contract in accordance with strict performance criteria.
•    The municipality will retain ownership of the water supply assets and control of the service delivery set up.
•    The project will help the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation set up a city-level water utility that will take over water supply operations from the professional operating company at the end of its contract period.
•    The project will benefit about one million residents of the Hubballi-Dharwad, including estimated 160000 slum dwellers.
Hubballi-Dharwad, the second largest urban center in Karnataka, will become one of the first Indian cities to provide citywide, continuous, piped water supply to its residents.

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