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Union Commerce Ministry launched EXIM Analytics Dashboard for export, import data

Minister of State (I/C) for Commerce and Industry Nirmala Sitharaman on 3 April 2016 launched EXIM Analytics Dashboard to provide an easy access to detailed trade data of the country.
•    It will ensure the following:
•    The export turnover of the country, how it performs over time?
•    What are the export destinations?
•    What items are being exported?
•    Which are the ports – inland, sea or airports from which the exports are taking place?
•    This will enable small and upcoming businessmen to foray into global trade based on reliable information directly accessible through government sources.
•    Export Overview: It provides analysis of data by time period, export destinations and ports of export.
•    Import Overview: It provides analysis of data by time period, countries of Import and ports of import.
•    Balance of Trade (BOT): BOT can be analysed over time periods for different Regions, Countries and Ports.
•    The data for analysis is presented as a month’s aggregate at its lowest granularity, namely, at the level of country, commodity, port etc.
•    At present, monthly data from April 2014 till January 2016 has been provided on the analytics. Progressively additional dashboards and data for older period will be added.

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