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Solar Impulse 2 completes historic round-the-world trip

The first round-the-world solar powered flight by Solar Impulse 2 was completed on 26 July 2016 after the aircraft landed successfully in Abu Dhabi.
•    Construction of Solar Impulse 2 started in 2011.
•    The wingspan of Solar Impulse 2 is 71.9 m, slightly less than that of an Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner.
•    It is made of carbon-fibre.
•    It weighs only about 2.3 tonnes.
•    It features non-pressurized cockpit 3.8 cubic metres in size and advanced avionics, including an autopilot.
•    It has 17248 solar cells built into the wings that supply the plane with renewable energy, via four motors.
•    It made an unscheduled stop in Japan to await favourable weather over the Pacific.
•    The aircraft began the flight from Japan to Hawaii on 28 June 2015.
•    The plane landed at Moffett Field in California on 23 April 2016.
•    The aircraft next landed in Cairo, Egypt, on 13 July 2016.
•    On 23 July 2016, the plane departed Cairo and landed in Abu Dhabi on 26th July 2016.

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