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Shiva Keshavan won gold at Asian Luge Championship

Sheva Keshavan, the Winter Olympian from India, won the gold medal at Asian Luge Championship on 23 December 2016. 
●    He braved an injury to clinch the gold at the championship in Nagano.
●    Keshavan who dominated the event finished the 2 heat race in 1:39.962 seconds. 103.4 km/hr was his top speed in the race.
●    Tanaka Shohei of Japan clinched the silver medal in the event with a combined time of 1:44.874 seconds. His top speed was 124.6 km/hr. On the other hand, the bronze medal went to Chinese Taipei’s Lien Te-An. He completed the race in 45.120 with a top speed of 126.3 km/hr.
●    It is an annual Luge competition for Asian countries and it came into existence in 1998.
●    The competition is held in different formats, namely men’s and women’s single events and men’s double events.
●    All editions of the competition are held by Spiral bobsleigh luge, and skeleton track at Nagano, Japan.


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