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Rajya Sabha passes Mental Health Care Bill

Rajya Sabha on 8 August 2016 passed the Mental Health Care Bill, 2013. The Bill repeals the Mental Health Act, 1987.
•    The upper house passed the bill with record 134 amendments.
•    The Bill provides for mental health care and services for persons with mental illness.
•    It also has a provision to protect, promote and fulfill the rights of such persons during delivery of mental healthcare and services.
•    This advance directive has to be certified by a medical practitioner or registered with the Mental Health Board.
Its basic aim is to:
•    Develop quality and service provision norms for such establishments
•    Maintain a register of mental health professionals
•    Receive complaints about deficiencies in provision of services
•    Advise the government on matters relating to mental health
•    It specifies the process to be followed for admission, treatment and discharge of mentally ill individuals.

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