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Prime Minsiter's Vietnam visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Vietnam ahead of G20 summit here was aimed at jointly piling pressure on China and to raise their "bargaining chips" with the country.
•    Given the South China Sea issue, Beijing-Hanoi relations have not been smooth over the past years. 
•    Negative emotions toward Beijing among the Vietnamese people have also been rising.
•    Under such a backdrop, Modi's visit to Vietnam has without doubt made Indians associate the tour with many strategic meanings, believing that New Delhi and Hanoi might jointly pile pressure on Beijing.
•    The fundamental reason behind it is the interests of India and Vietnam. 
•    New Delhi and Hanoi both wish to raise their bargaining position while having interactions with China, but neither of them wants direct confrontation with Beijing.
•    While such a possibility cannot be totally excluded, but it will not play a vital role either.

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