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New Material used to Manufacture World's Smallest Transistor

Scientists have succeeded in creating the world's smallest transistor, producing a switch with a working 1-nanometre gate. 
●    Unlike regular transistors, the researchers' new prototype isn't made out of silicon – and the smaller size means we can still improve performance in integrated circuits by populating them with greater amounts of incredibly small components.
●    And it could help us keep Moore's Law alive too.
●    Named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, Moore's Law predicts that the amount of transistors in an integrated circuit will double approximately every two years, enabling more complex and powerful computer processors.
●    ‘ Unfortunately, transistors have already gotten so small, we're running out of ways to make them smaller. But now, thanks to a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, we've gotten past the 5-nanometre threshold that was previously considered to be the peak of transistor miniaturization.’

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