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NASA's MMS Mission sets new Guinness World Record

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) Mission on 5 November 2016 set the Guinness world record for highest altitude fix of a Global Positioning System (GPS) signal at 70000 kilometers above the surface of the Earth.
●    It was launched to understand the causes of magnetic reconnection for understanding phenomena of auroras on Earth, flares on surface of sun, and areas surrounding black holes. 
●    It was designed to gather information about the microphysics of energetic particle acceleration and turbulence, processes that occur in many astrophysical plasmas. 
●    When these four satellites were closest to Earth, they moved up to 35405 km/hour, making them the fastest known operational use of a GPS receiver. 
●    These satellites operated in a highly elliptical orbit around Earth and incorporated GPS measurements into their precise tracking systems. 
●    Earlier in 2016, MMS achieved the closest flying separation of a multi-spacecraft formation with only 7.2 km between the four satellites. 
●    The mission in its first year of prime mission gave scientists the new insight into Earth’s magnetosphere.

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