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NASA fires world record 44 rockets in 1 flight

The Guinness World Records recently recognised NASA's September 2015 launch which saw 44 rockets being fired in a single flight, as a world record for the most rockets fired in a single launch. 
•    The mission, which used 37 engines to create an exhaust cloud, three for the rocket launch, and four for position control, was aimed at studying "dusty plasmas".
•    Although the rocket carried an NRL experiment, Wallops had a big hand in the mission. 
•    The team implementing the NRL concept for the multi-rocket-motor dust release module and leading the construction of CARE II are at Wallops.
•    Phil Eberspeaker, Office Chief for the Sounding Rocket Program, said, “Being recognized by Guinness World Records for this achievement is icing on the cake for the entire team. 
•    To successfully carry out this mission required great planning from everyone involved.”

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