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MCC Committee recommends limiting bat size edges and red card suspension

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Committee on 7 December 2016 recommended limiting bat size edges and depths along with many other suggestions.
●    The recommendations were made by the MCC’s World Cricket Committee, headed by former England captain Mike Brearley, to bring about a balance between bat and ball.
●    The suggestions were made during a two-day meeting of the committee in Mumbai, which hosts the fourth Test between India and England from 8 December 2016.
●    The committee has come up with a radical proposal of introducing a football-hockey-like red card as punishment for violent acts on the cricket field.
●    It deliberated on the ball-tampering laws, which it felt will remain unaltered.
●    The committee was split vertically on the possibility of reducing Test cricket from a five-day affair to a four-day one.
●    It urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to continue to work towards introducing a World Test Championship and presenting the case for cricket at the Olympic Games and changing the law on ball striking a fielder’s helmet.
●    It was announced that 60% of the world’s professional players supported the decision to limit the bat size to 40 mm on edges and 67 mm for depths, including 7 mm for curvature.

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