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Mandatory for public transport buses to install emergency buttons

It is going to be mandatory for public transport buses to install emergency buttons, CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking devices to ensure the safety of women commuters, Road Transport and Highways. 
•    Government will issue a notification on June 2, laying down the safety measures to be installed in public transport buses across the country.
•    The statement came at an event at Bikaner House in Delhi where Gadkari launched 20 such Rajasthan government buses. 
•    The 20 Mahila Gaurav Express buses that would run between Delhi and Rajasthan are part of a pilot project. 
•    The Rajasthan government plans to eventually bring over 2,300 more buses under the project’s ambit.
•    Many women are also scared of the ‘consequences’ of confronting harassers. Only 36% of those surveyed say they would help a co-passenger being harassed; 22% others feel it’s safer to ignore such regular incidents

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