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International Labour Day- 1 May

1st May is International Labour Day, known as May Day. 
•    The theme of International Labour Day of 2016 is "Celebrating the international labour movement".
•    The whole world celebrates 1st May every year as International Labour Day to highlight the significance of hard work and the result we get through it. 
•    This is also known as International Worker's Day and May Day.
•    80 countries across the world have declared national holiday on this day.
•    The first demand for an eight hour working day and better working conditions gained momentum in early 19th century.
•    On the first of May in 1886, four striking workers of a harvesting plant at Haymarket in Chicago were killed in police firing.
•    It was protested all over and ever since, first of May is observed as workers day. 
•    Labour is one of the four key factors of production along with Land, Capital and organisation.

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