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Indian astrophysicist wins challenge on Dark matter

India’s renowned theoretical physicist Thanu Padmanabhan has won a ten-year-old challenge on dark energy. 
●    The Professor presented his idea on the dark energy to the international community of astrophysicists back in 2006 and asked everyone to prove him wrong by next decade — 2016. 
●    It is now confirmed that everyone failed to prove him wrong and he won his own challenge on the dark energy.
●    Dark matter is the most mysterious entity in our universe as no one has actually seen or experienced what dark matter is. 
●    Scientists believe that more than one-third of our universe is made up of dark matter and it is a hot topic among cosmologists and space enthusiasts.
●    Padmanabhan presented his idea on the dark matter at the 23rd Texas Symposium on December 15, 2006, and asked the attendants and physicists all around the globe to prove his idea wrong in next ten years.
●    It was Wiltshire who openly accepted the challenge and said he will prove the theory wrong. 

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