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India Rising: Fresh Hope, New Fears authored by Ravi Velloor

A book titled India Rising: Fresh Hope, New Fears by Ravi Velloor chronicles India's journey in the decade before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rise. The book was released in April 2016 by Singapore Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong.
•    The book captures the significant events of the years under former India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and examines how the country dealt with those issues.
•    Ravi Velloor is an associate editor of Singapore newspaper The Straits Times.
•    Highlights of the Book
•    It describes key aspects of the country’s development in the last 10 years, expressing fresh hopes but also new fears under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 
•    Each chapter cuts a different slice into the complex reality which is India. Like a CT scan, the slices combine to give the reader a composite sense of the unfolding Indian drama. 
•    Importantly for Asia, it also looks closely at the strategic sweet spot India has found itself in, wooed by every major power. 
•    It assesses India's potential to become the world's fifth largest economic power by the end of this decade.
•    It discusses issues such as the unease that minorities feel under Modi, a leader backed by Hindu nationalist forces.
•    The book includes insider accounts of events such as the removal of National Security Adviser MK Narayanan, the resignation of navy chief DK Joshi, how India handled the crisis in Sri Lanka and the Mumbai attack, etc.

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