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Important Current Affairs 7th July 2018

Important Current Affairs 7th July 2018

Current Affairs 7th July 2018: NATIONAL NEWS

Prime Minister laid the foundation of urban infrastructure projects
●        Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Jaipur today.
●        He unveiled the foundation stone of 13 urban infrastructure projects for Rajasthan.

Seychelles canceled deal to build a naval base with India
●        Seychelles, on the other hand, has canceled the agreement with India to build a naval base on its own disambiguation island.
●        In a press conference this month, President Danny Force had said that when he comes to India, then there will be no discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Ascension Island project.
●        The news of breaking of India's $ 9 billion deal with Russia to develop next generation fighter aircraft was also reported.
Mukesh Ambani's tenure extended for five years
●        Mukesh Ambani will remain the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited for five years.
●        The company's shareholders have approved the proposal to increase Mukesh Ambani's tenure for five years.
●        Ambani has been involved in the company's board of directors since 1977.
●        After the death of the founder of Reliance Group and his father Dhirubhai Ambani in July 2002, he was appointed chairman of the company.

National Testing Agency will conduct NEET, JEE and NET
●        Union Human Resources and Development Minister Prakash Javadekar announced on Saturday that now the National Testing Agency will make entrance examinations of NEET, JEE and NET.
●        All these examinations were done by the CBSE till date.
●        Now JEE Mains and Neutral examination will be done twice a year. This announcement will come into effect from the new academic session.

Law Commission recommends legalization of betting in sports
●        The Law Commission has recommended legalization of betting in the Games on 05 July 2018.
●        If the government accepts this recommendation of the Law Commission, betting in the game will be brought under legal realm in the coming time.
●        The Law Commission has recommended it as a regulatory activity.

Current Affairs 7th July 2018: GLOBAL NEWS

International Round Table Conference on 9-10 July 2018
●        The Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation is organizing an international round table conference on 'Data for New India' during 9-10 July 2018.
●        The goal of this Round Table Conference is to inspire innovative ideas to improve the statistics system in India, taking inspiration from the best practices prevailing in advanced countries such as Canada, Britain and Australia.
●        This type of conference is being organized for the first time in India.

30 trillion tons of Antarctica ice melted in 25 years
●        The snow in Antarctica is melting at the alarming rate. Since 1992, about 30 trillion tonnes of snow has melted.
●        An international team of ice experts said in a new study that in the last quarter of the century, ice has soaked in water in the southern end of Antarctica that the ground has plunged up to about 13 feet in Texas.
●        This sheet of ice in the southern end is the main indicator of climate change.
Terrorist attack in Somalia Home Ministry
●        Somalia's home ministry was attacked by terrorists on Saturday, in which nine people have died while security forces are still struggling with the gunmen inside the building.
●        The extremist faction al-Shabab has taken responsibility for the attack.

UK announces new visa
●        Britain has offered a new visa that will be available to scientists and researchers from other countries including India.
●        Britain's Immigration Minister Caroline Knox has informed about this new visa in a statement.
●        Its aim is to emphasize the development of the research field of the country.
54 dead in Canada because of loo: official
●        In Eastern Canada, 54 people have died since the last week due to the severe Lo.
●        The Quebec Ministry of Health said that the other victims are from the south-west of the France-Canada province.
●        About 100 people died in Montreal in 2010 in Montreal.

Lopez Obrador victory in the presidential election of Mexico
●        Andres Manuel Obrador, leftist candidate of the National Regeneration Movement Party of Mexico, won the presidential election.
●        After the announcement of 53 percent of the votes polled by Lechage Overlord by the election body, he called it a "historic day".
●        Their closest rivals conceded defeat and congratulated Lopez Obrador for victory.
Justin Trudeau will attend NATO Conference
●        Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Conference to discuss trans-Atlantic security issues and other challenges.
●        The conference will be held from 11th to 12th July.
●        Just a few days ago, US President Donald Trump has separated himself from a joint statement issued on the last day of the group G-7 Summit in Quebec, Canada.

Mark Zuckerberg became world's third richest man
●        Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has become the third richest person in the world by overtaking investor Warren Buffett.
●        Now in the list of the world's rich, Zuckerberg is left behind only Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
●        According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Facebook's share of Friday increased 2.4 percent, due to the increase in Zuckerberg's assets.
Canada becomes the second country to legalize the use of marijuana 
●        Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that the use of marijuana will be valid since October 17 in the country.
●        He said that this step will reduce the organized crime and the youth of the country will be safe.
●        Canada's parliament approved Tuesday for validity of the banquet of marijuana.
●        Canada will become the second country in the world to legalize the use of cannabis after the law is enforced.

Current Affairs 7th July 2018: AWARDS

Dr. T.K. Chand received the Knowledge Excellence Award for exceptional contributions in aluminum field of knowledge
●       In order to make a remarkable contribution in the field of Aluminum, the field of knowledge excellence was received by Dr. T.K. Chand  from the Secretary of the Indian Government, Mr. Anil Gopi Shankar Mukim.
●        Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand, CMD of NALCO appealed to the stakeholders involved in the top companies, policy makers and aluminum value chain to increase production of this 'stunning metal' so that the growing demand for aluminum could be met.

Current Affairs 7th July 2018: ECONOMY

$ 1.75 billion reduction in India's foreign exchange reserves
●        India's foreign exchange reserves recorded a decrease of $ 1.75 billion on June 29 last week.
●        This information was given in the data released by the Reserve Bank of India on Friday .
●        According to RBI data, foreign exchange reserves were $ 406.05 billion in the past week, while the country's foreign exchange reserves had been $ 407.81 billion on June 22, before that.

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