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Important Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

First International Conference on Exhibition on Ayush and Fitness and Exhibition today inaugurated in New Delhi

First International Conference on Ayush and Fitness: 'Health 2017', the Minister of Commerce & Industry, Shri Suresh Prabhu and Minister of State for AYUSH Shri Shripad Yesho Nayak inaugurated in New Delhi today.
●    The exhibition and conference has been organized in Vigyan Bhavan from December 4 to 7, 2017.
●    Healthcare 2017 organized by AYUSH Ministry and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, including Pharmaxil, has jointly worked with FICCI to demonstrate the strength and scientific evaluation of the traditional system of medicine.
●    In the year 2017, about 1500 representatives from India and 60 countries are participating.
●    Addressing the delegates, Shri Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry said that Health is the first of its kind in 2017, which has been organized in India.
●    He said that though India is not the only country which has the knowledge of traditional medicine, through 2017, we have decided to distribute the traditional medicine knowledge of India among the people of the world.
●    Through this conference, we hope that we will be able to learn from the delegates from other countries of the world and the Government of India will be happy to work in this field with all the countries.

6th International Tourism Hats launch in Guwahati

The sixth International Tourism Haat (ITM) event is being organized in Guwahati, Assam.
●    The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is organizing this Haat from December 5 to 7, 2017, in collaboration with the North-Eastern States.
●    Governor of Assam Mr. Jagdish Mukhi, Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Tourism Secretary, Mrs Rashmi Verma and inaugurated in the presence of Union Ministries and dignitaries present in the North Eastern States.
●    As well as focusing on India's "East East Policy" from Sixth International Tourism Haat, the home of ASEAN and the world's fastest growing economies, strengthening ties with the vast East Asia region and emerging tourism market in India But will also focus.
●    As well as discussions on promoting tourism in the North-Eastern states, along with the objectives of 'Act East Policy', enhancing the connectivity of the North-Eastern states with these countries as well as increasing the interaction between the people of the Asian region. 
●    This will help in developing inter-regional tourism between Asiatic and Northeast states.
●    In ITM 2017, active participation will also be taken by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, to speed up the process of development of tourism in the North-Eastern States.


Indo-German signing on various environmental contracts

India and Germany today signed several other agreements, including the bipartisan agreement for the eco-friendly urban transport project, worth 20 million euros.
●    According to an official statement, the agreement related to the financial support of 1.1 million euros in the form of a grant for the financial help of 200 million euros as a loan for the environmentally friendly urban transport-3 project and four other projects was signed. 
●    The first part of this agreement has already been signed in May.
●    The first part of the treaty between the two countries has been signed in May.
●    Under the India-Germany Development Cooperation, a comprehensive deal of governments related to the Financial Cooperation II in 2016 was completed here.
●    In addition, four other contracts were signed under the Indo-German bilateral development cooperation between Germany's public bank KFW and the Department of Economic Affairs.
●    Other contracts are related to the Madhya Pradesh Cleanliness and Environment Program, continuous urban infrastructure development, Odisha phase 2 and projects of Green Energy Corridor in Maharashtra under the state-of-the-art Transmission System.

Summoning Heights with Seychelles Government to Provide Medical Equipment

HLL Infratech Services Ltd Heights, a wholly-owned subsidiary of public sector HLL Lifecare Limited HLL, has made an explanation with the Seychelles Government.
●    Under this, the company will provide many types of medical equipment to strengthen the health sector there.
●    Danny Luang, Chief Executive Officer, HCA, Health Care Agency, Seychelles, Chief Executive Officer of the company, S.N. Satu, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles signed this explanation, according to a release issued by the Heights.
●    This is the second step of this explanation.
●    Under this explanation, heights will provide 42 types of equipment, including anesthesia unit, neonatal ventilator, patient monitor, ultrasound scanner, dental chair and examination bed.
●    The first phase of this kind of explanation was in Heights and Seychelles in November 2016. Then Seychelles was supplied with 378 medical devices.
●    The Government of India assisted the purchase of medical equipment by HCA giving a grant of 3.65 crores of rupees.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: AWARDS

President presented the National Ayurveda Award

President Shri Ramnath Kovind presented Pandit Ramnarayan Sharma National Ayurveda Award for the year 2008-2014 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan today (December 04, 2017).
●    The President said that forests, mountains and villages of India are a major source of medicinal herbs and herbs. 90% of the country's medicinal herbs and herbs meet the forests.
●    More than 5,000 varieties of herbs are found in our forests.
●    Protection and preservation of this valuable resource is extremely important.
●    People should be sensitive to preserving medicinal herbs and herbs.
●    Addressing the Ayurveda experts present on this occasion, the President said that diseases related to modern life are increasingly affecting people and the world is looking towards India for alternative medicine.
●    Ayurveda can play an important role here.
●    The President said that experts have great responsibility for establishing Ayurveda as a powerful medium for the prevention, treatment and management of such diseases.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: ECONOMY

MobiKi's former vice president will present cycling app, will invest five million dollars

Former marketing chief and vice president of mobile wallet MobiKi, Akash Gupta is preparing to introduce new app mobi to provide bicycle for rent.
He will make an initial investment of five million dollars for this.
●    Spend a lot of money and spend to reach your last destination.
●    When people come out of the metro or bus, they will find our bicycles there.
●    They will be able to unlock the bicycle by scanning the QR code and leave the cycle after reaching their destination or lock it on their own.
●    After locking the bicycle, their journey will end.
●    He said that Mobyasia will also contribute to better health of people as well as to overcome challenges such as jam, pollution in big cities.
●    Gupta said that our plan is to extend this service to 12 cities in 6 months and up to 20 cities in a year.
●    This service will be started in the first phase with 5,000 bicycles in Delhi, Noida, Gururgram, Chandigarh and Faridabad.
●    The cost of travel will be about Rs one rupee and this service will also be available on a membership basis.

SLN Coffee Liftista Brands Wade

Coffee Area Company, SLN Coffee today introduced its instant coffee brand Leivista.
●    Along with this, the company has set a target of raising revenue to Rs 1,100 crore. The company's senior official informed about this.
●    S.N. Satappan, Director of SLN Coffee, said on the occasion of presenting the Levishhau brand that our company, which sells coffee and coffee in the domestic market last year, had a turnover of 800 crores.
●    He said that before testing LeVista we tested it with more than 50,000 cups.
●    In the beginning we are presenting the instant coffee brand Levista in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. South India is the largest market of coffee.
●    In three years we are expecting our presence across the country.
●    With the launch of Levista, the group is expected to reach the level of business at Rs 1,100 crore.
●    The instant coffee market is growing at a rate of 10 percent.
●    He said that Levista coffee brand will be available in 30,000 shops in Tamilnadu and 25,000 stores in Karnataka.

Current Affairs 4th DECEMBER 2017: SPORTS

Germany defeated india in hockey world league final

The Indian hockey team made a quick start in their last league match of the Hockey World League Final but in the end, they had to face 0-2 defeat at the hands of Germany.
●    On Monday, in the Pool B match played at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, Germany scored goals from Hanger Martin (17) and Mats Graubüsh (20).
●    With this win, Germany remained at the top of the pool.
●    Germany's defense is considered as strong.
On Monday, they proved this to be true once.
●    They prevented many attacks of India and also threw up the Indian defense.
●    Germany's team got limited opportunities but they got the crucial lead of 2-0 by hiring them half-time.
●    The first goal from Germany came from penalty corners.
●    At the end of the match the attacks of the Indian team continued to rise but like the opposition team, they could not reach the goalpost.

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