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Important Current Affairs 24th March 2018

Important Current Affairs 24th March 2018

Current Affairs 24th March 2018: NATIONAL  NEWS

Private car owners will be able to earn money from Ola-Uber

●        If your car stays longer, you will be able to earn it using the Ola-Uber platform.
●        The government is preparing to simplify the taxi permit rules.
●        Under this, Taxi Aggregators like Uber and Ola can be allowed to provide taxi services to private cars.
●        In countries like America, Australia and Singapore, Uber is allowed to use private cars for ride-sharing.
Amul is bringing turmeric-milk, 'mocktail'
●        After milk, curd, ghee, butter, Amul has now decided to serve you, which you must have donated to grandmother and grandmother.
●        Asia's largest milk brand Amul has decided to launch 'turmeric milk' across the country soon.
●        Considering the taste of the new generation, it is also planned to introduce 'Irish drink mocktail' along with turmeric milk.

Anna's satyagraha started
●        Social activist Anna Hazare has started fasting after 7 years in Ramlila Maidan in the capital.
●        This time, problems of farmers across the country are being raised prominently with Janalokpal in the movement.
●        Anna paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Rajghat.
●        In 2011 Anna had hunger strike on Jantar Mantar for the demand of Lokpal Bill.
●        After this there was a big movement in Ramlila Maidan where millions of people were gathered.

Lalu Yadav got biggest punishment in fodder scam
●        Laloo Yadav sentenced to 14 years in CBI's trial case in the Dumka Treasury case involving the fodder scam.
●        He also imposed a fine of 60 lakh on them.
●        The CBI counsel told about the decision on Saturday that the court has given Lalu a 7-7 jail term under the IPC and the Crashonics Act, which will run separately.
●        Lalu's video conferencing took place because he was admitted to the hospital.

Current Affairs 24th March 2018: GLOBAL NEWS

Martin Vizcarra sworn in as President of Peru
●        Peru's new President, Martin Vizcarra, sworn in as the new President of the country on March 23, 2018.
●        During this time, Martin expressed his commitment to adopt a tough stance against corruption in the government.
●        Prior to this, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who was caught in corruption, resigned from the presidency.

German President Walter is in India

●        German President Frank Walter Schattenmayer meets Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Saturday .
●        There may be several key agreements between the two countries during this period.
●        Earlier, Walter was given a guard of honor in the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
●        On this occasion, President Ramnath Kovind and PM Modi welcomed him.
●        The German President also paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Rajghat.
●        Walter has come to India on a 5-day tour with wife Elk Badenburg on Thursday.

America challenges the export subsidy schemes in the WTO
●        The United States has challenged India's Export Subsidy Scheme in the World Trade Organization (WTO).
●        There are 6 names in the American complaint.
●        It states that apart from exporters India gives incentives to steel products, pharma, chemicals, IT and textile manufacturers.
●        These schemes get help of $ 7 billion (Rs 45,500 crore) per year.

Color of the Eiffel Tower will change for the 19th times
●        Its color will be changed to the 19th time in the 129-year history of the famous Eiffel Tower of France.
●        It will take three years.
●        To maintain the glow of the tower, 60 thousand kg of red paint will be required.
●        For this, a budget of Rs. 2.4 thousand crore has been kept.
●        Painting of the tower will start in October.
●        Eiffel Tower was built in 1889, then its color was red.

Uber's self-driving service closed in the US

●        A woman died in a collision of a self-driving car in Arizona, USA.
●        This is the first incident of its kind when a murderous accident happened with the car operating on its own.
●        Uber has stopped testing these cars throughout North America after this incident.
●        Many big car companies around the world are testing self driving cars.
●        These include companies like Tesla, Ford Motors and Vio.
 Obama tenure’s rule to be turned down by trump administration
●        In the US, transgenders will no longer have the opportunity to work in the army.
●        The White House announced the new rules on recruiting transgenders and services in the army on Friday.
●        Under this, transgenders will not be allowed to work in the army except for certain circumstances.
●        The Obama administration had enacted rules for recruiting transgenders in the army in 2016.

Elon Musk deleted the Facebook page of his companies Tesla and Spacex
●        American businessman and billionaire Elon Musk has removed Facebook from his two companies- Tesla and Spacex.
●        There were 26 million likes and follows on these pages.
●        Facebook has been accused of giving information to more than 5 million users of British company Cambridge Analytica.
●        After this many people have started removing their accounts from Facebook.
Tajikistan: The world's first country where dress code fixed for all women, ban on burqa

●        The Tajik government has fixed the dress code for women from 7 years old to 70 years of age.
●        For this, the Ministry of Culture has also released a book, which explains what type of clothes women should wear on the spot.
●        In this, clothing is shown through models.
●        Apart from this, wearing 90% Muslim population in this country, wearing Burqa and Western dress (Western dress) was banned.
America's top award for "campaign" for Sikhs against Hate Crime
●        In the US, a campaign run by Sikhs against Hate Criminal 'We Are Sikh' got the PR Wake US Award.
●        This award is also called the Oscars of the Public Relations Industry, and it is America's Top Award.
●        Campaign was given to the Campaign to raise public issues.

Current Affairs 24th March 2018: SPORTS

Commonwealth Games: Sindhu will be flag carrier
●        Badminton player PV Sindhu will be the flag bearer of the Indian contingent in the Commonwealth Games -2018, starting on April 4 in Australia's Gold Coast.
●        The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) lauded this.
●        IOA has given PV Sindhu the prize for winning Silver Medal at the Rio Olympics.

Current Affairs 24th March 2018: RANKING

India dropped 11 position in World Happiness Report

●        Finland has become the happiest country in the world by surpassing Norway, while the Burdi is the most unhappy.
●        In this case, India is at 133th rank in 156 countries. It is down 11 points compared to last year.
●        Countries such as Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are happier than India.

Current Affairs 24th March 2018: SCIENCE

IBM created the world's smallest computer

●        IBM has claimed to be the world's smallest computer.
●        The company put the microcomputer in front of everyone in a program in Las Vegas.
●        The company says that this is an anti-fraud device.
●        There is a complete computer system including processor, memory and storage inside a chip.

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