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Important Current Affairs 20th DECEMBER 2017

Important Current Affairs 20th DECEMBER 2017

Current Affairs 20th DECEMBER 2017: NATIONAL NEWS

The Cabinet approved the 'Capacity Building Scheme in Textile Sector' for the period 2017-18 to 2019-20

Prime Minister of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired the work involved except the spinning and weaving in the organized sector, the entire value chain of the textile sector approved a new skill development plan.
●    It has been named 'Capacity Building Scheme (SCBTS)' in Textile Sector.
●    This scheme has been accepted for the period of 2017-18 to 2019-20 with the cost-expenditure of 1300 crores.
●    In this scheme, there will be training courses in line with the National Skills Qualification Framework based on common standards of skill development and entrepreneurship ministry.
●    This plan includes the country will be implemented for the benefit of all sections of society, including rural, far-flung areas, Left Wing Extremism affected area, North East and Jammu and Kashmir.
●    Under the scheme, the SC, ST, Diwyangon preference to minorities and other disadvantaged groups.
●    More than 70 percent of these women were women. 
●    Under this scheme, the garment industry is a major area, which is believed to be about 70 percent of the women employed in it.

The Cabinet approved the Central Group 'A' service and cadre to the Executive Officers of the Armed Forces

Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has approved the Central Group 'A' service and cadre to the Executive Officers of the Armed Forces Force.
●    This includes reviewing Group 'A' class officers, from the Assistant Commandant to the creation of 19 posts of the IG level, to increase the operational and administrative capabilities of the Armed Forces force.
●    The Armed Forces force was formed in 1963 to promote the security of the border areas, to promote national sentiment and to increase security in the area.
●    In the year 2001, the force was transferred to the Central Home Ministry.
●    Since then, the force is deployed in the security of Indo-Nepal and Bhutan borders.
●    The force is given intelligence and security responsibilities in Left-wing affected areas and in Jammu and Kashmir and Assam.
●    At present, 96,093 personnel are working in force, 73 battalions are in force.
●    These include two National Disaster Redemption Battalions.
●    Prior to this, the action to upgrade and chalk up the force was done in 2005, 2010 and 2011.

Cabinet approves setting up of India's first National Rail and Transport University in Vadodara

Indian Railways is on the path of modernization through extensive technical and infrastructure upgradation.
●    It will Contribut e in 'Make in India' and 'Skil India' and subsidies in large-scale employment creation.
●    It will Promot e of innovative enterprises and support for the Start Up India initiative.
●    The latest methods of teaching and use of technology will be applied: With the use of latest methods, higher education and training can be made available.
●    India will emerge as a global leader with the latest technology and skilled manpower.
●    Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of the country's first National Rail and Transportation University (NRTU) in Vadodara for skill and capacity building in human resources.
●    The inspiring innovative thoughts presented by the Prime Minister to the University establishment of the University will be the forerunner of the change in rail and transport sector towards the new India.
●    This University will be established as a recognized University under UGG's Novo Division (Honored University Institute) Regulation, 2016.
●    The Government is working to give all the approvals till April 2018 and start the first academic session in July, 2012.

Indian railway project

Ministry of Railways has decided to launch a Gold Project with the objective of providing better facilities to the passengers.
●    Interior decoration of the coaches, toilet, cleanliness of the coaches, staff behavior, food arrangements, blankets and sheets, time restrictions, safety, recreational facilities during travel, quick information facilities such as passenger amenities, 9 dimensions of this gold The project is included in the project.
●    These facilities will be provided in 14 capital and 15 century trains.
●    In order to upgrade the coaches on the basis of gold standard, Indian Railways has approved to spend 50 lakhs per rack.
●    Golden project has been launched with the aim of improving the capital and Shatabdi trains.
●    Some coaches in Bhopal Workshop are being developed as model racks for the Harman Railways.
●    At present, there are three such trains running: Varanasi from New Delhi, Khajuraho from Bhopal and Varanasi from Vadodara.


ISRO and NASA collaboration

ISRO and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) / NASA jointly engaged in the development of Dual Frequency (L & S Band) synthetic aperture radar imaging satellite named NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR).
●    The L & B band microwave data obtained from this satellite will be useful for a variety of applications, including natural resource mapping and monitoring, estimation of agricultural biomass in the entire period of crop rotation, assessment of soil moisture, monitoring of flood and oil lubrication, coastal Corrosion, coastal changes in coastal waters and variation of winds, assessment of mangroves, surface deformation studies, falling of ice layer.
●    The data obtained from the NISAR Mission is not for the rebound of the climate.
●    However, the data obtained from this mission will be useful in developing some applications, including (i) detecting cracks in the glacier hidden from fresh ice in places where humans are known to exist (ii) estimate avalanches (Iii) Study of glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) hazards, and (iv) submerged with flood due to flood / cyclones. Sector detection is included.
●    These applications can be helpful in taking measures that can minimize the loss of human life.

Current Affairs 20th DECEMBER 2017: ECONOMY 

Meeting of the third meeting of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council

The third meeting of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (EAC-PM) was held today.
●    This meeting was organized under the chairmanship of EAC-PM President and Member of the Policy Commission Dr Bibek Debroy.
●    Two presentations were given while continuing the discussion on employment and development.
●    Dr. Ramesh Chand, Member of the Policy Commission, gave a presentation on 'Strategic Options for Promotion of Agricultural Productivity, Income and Employment-friendly Development in Agriculture and Allied Sectors'.
●    Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Shri Amarjeet Sinha gave a presentation on 'Mission Antyodhya for poverty free panchayats'.
●    In EAC-PM, OSD Shri Kishore Desai made a presentation on issues related to trade before the Council.
●    Part-time members of the Council, Dr. Rathin Roy and Dr. Surjit Bhalla presented updates on the monitored monitors.
●    EAC-PM discussed these issues during his meeting.

India signed a funding agreement with the World Bank for US $ 125 million for 'Striवे Project for Industrial Value Promotion Operations'

Government of India has signed a funding agreement with the World Bank in the National Capital yesterday for IDA loan of 125 million US dollars (equivalent) for 'Skill Stabilization Project for Industrial Value Promotion Operations'.
●    On behalf of the Government of India on behalf of the Finance Department, Mr. Sameer Kumar Khare, Joint Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs, and signed by Mr. Hisham Abdo, Acting Country Director of World Bank (India) on behalf of the World Bank.
●    The objective of this operation is to ensure better access to professional training in line with quality and market demand.
●    The result of this project includes better performance of industrial training institutes, better training of state governments, excellent education and knowledge and better and detailed trainee (apprenticeship) training to assist in training of industrial training institutes and apprenticeship training.
●    The closing date for this project is November 30, 2022.


The Cabinet approved the MoU for cooperation between India and Cuba in the field of Health and Medicine.

Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet approved the MoU for cooperation between India and Cuba in the field of health and medicine with prior approval.
●    The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on December 6, 2017 in New Delhi.
●    The consent memorandum will be supported in the following areas-
●    Exchanges and training of doctors, officers, other health professionals and experts
●    Help in the establishment of Human Resources and Health Services Development and Health Facilitation Centers
●    Shortage training of human resources in health
●    Rules for drug, medical equipment and information exchange
●    Promotion of trade development opportunities in drug and other identified areas by the sides
●    Help regarding availability of generic and urgent medicines and drug supply
●    Availability of health equipment and medicinal products
●    Other areas of cooperation according to mutual decision
●    A joint working group will be established to take stock of the implementation of this memorandum and for other details as per the agreement.

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