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Ice giant planet growing around nearby star spotted

Scientists have found signs of a baby planet thought to be an icy giant – similar to Uranus and Neptune – growing around a nearby star, a discovery that may help better understand the origins of various types of planets.
•    While a number of new planets have been found in the past two decades, it is still unclear how the icy giant planets form.
•    The scientists hope that the finding could be another step towards understanding the origins of various types of planet.
•    Astronomers from Ibaraki University in Japan have observed the growing planet around TW Hydrae – a nearby young star. This star, estimated to be 10 million years old, is one of the closest young stars to Earth.
•    TW Hydrae is one of the most favourable targets for investigating planet formation.
•    Past observations have shown that TW Hydrae is surrounded by a disk made of tiny dust particles. This disk is the site of planet formation.

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