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G Kalyanakrishnan took over as Chief Executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex

Distinguished scientist G Kalyanakrishnan took over as Chief Executive of Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC), Hyderabad.
Kalyanakrishnan succeeds N Saibaba, who has retired on completion of two years of extended period of service.
Kalyanakrishnan will also be the Chairman of the NFC Board.
• Prior to being appointed as Chief Executive of NFC, Kalyanakrishnan served as the Deputy Chief Executive.
• He has vast experience in erection and commissioning as well as operation of Heavy Water Plants.
• He has also contributed in the successful commissioning of Zirconium Complex (ZC – a Unit of NFC) at Pazhayakayal, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu and in achieving its nameplate capacity of 250 MT in the shortest time.
• He obtained his degree in chemical engineering from the Regional Engineering College, Warangal in 1980.
• He had joined the 24th batch of 1980-1981 Training School of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai.
• The Nuclear Fuel Complex was established in 1971.
• It was established as a major industrial unit of India's Department of Atomic Energy for the supply of nuclear fuel bundles and reactor core components.
• It is a unique facility where natural and enriched uranium fuel, zirconium alloy cladding and reactor core components are manufactured under one roof.
• NFC supplies zircaloy clad uranium oxide fuel assemblies and zirconium alloy structural components for all 14 operating atomic power reactors in India.
• The Hyderabad plant has a capacity to produce 250 tons of UO2 per year and is expected to expanded to a 600 tons per year capacity.
• NFC products are supplied to the Department of Atomic Energy, the Indian Navy, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and other defence organisations.

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