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First Round-The-World Exploration to measure Climate Change

The impact of climate change is extremely evident and the entire world is worried about how it will affect our future.
Scientists have been relentlessly monitoring the freezing Antarctic region to gauge the damage caused due to climate change. 
●    Because things on that front aren't showing many positive signs, 50 researchers from 30 countries are going to come together and attempt the first full circumnavigation of Antarctica to measure pollution and climate change.
●    The report further mentions the projects of this round-the-world scientific expedition, which includes mapping whales, penguins, and albatrosses in the Southern Ocean; measuring the effect of plastic pollution on the food chain; and logging the extent of phytoplankton – the base of the food chain – and its role in regulating climate.
●    To get an insight into conditions as they were before the Industrial Revolution, scientists will also take ice-core samples and study biodiversity on the continent.


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