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First programmable quantum computer created by Scientist

Quantum computers promise speedy solutions to some difficult problems, but building large-scale, general-purpose quantum devices is a problem fraught with technical challenges.
•    To date, many research groups have created small but functional quantum computers. 
•    By combining a handful of atoms, electrons or superconducting junctions, researchers now regularly demonstrate quantum effects and run simple quantum algorithms—small programs dedicated to solving particular problems.
•    But these laboratory devices are often hard-wired to run one program or limited to fixed patterns of interactions between the quantum constituents. 
•    Making a quantum computer that can run arbitrary algorithms requires the right kind of physical system and a suite of programming tools. 
•    Atomic ions, confined by fields from nearby electrodes, are among the most promising platforms for meeting these needs.
•    The new module builds on decades of research into trapping and controlling ions. It uses standard techniques but also introduces novel methods for control and measurement.

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