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Delhi Deer Park Closed Down Due to Bird Flu Scare

The Hauz Khas lake inside the Deer Park was shut down Thursday after five ducks were found dead, amid a bird flu scare. 
●    A notice on the park’s main gate stated that the lake would be shut to visitors till October 25.
●    On Tuesday, the Delhi zoo had been shut down after eight water birds died mysteriously, and three of the deaths were later confirmed to be due to bird flu.
●    However, the Delhi government said it had adequate stocks of Tamiflu antivirus to tackle a possible outbreak, though there was no immediate threat to human beings.
●    The total number of bird deaths has gone up to 20, said a senior official in the animal husbandry department.
●    The Delhi government has also urged the municipal corporations to keep 10 reserve teams on stand-by.

Gautam Kumar Singh 1 Months ago
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