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CO2 emissions fall thanks to coal slowdown, Researchers say

Worldwide emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide have flattened out in the past three years.
●    The authors of the study cautioned it was unclear whether the slowdown in CO2 emissions, mainly caused by declining coal use in China, was a permanent trend or a temporary blip.
●    "It is far too early to proclaim we have reached a peak," said co-author Glen Peters, a senior researcher at the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo.
●    The findings were issued at a United Nations talks on climate change underway in Marrakesh, Morocco.
●    The study, published in the journal Earth System Science Data, said global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry were projected to grow by just 0.2 per cent this year.
●    The authors of the study attributed the slowdown mainly to a decrease in Chinese coal consumption since 2012. 
●    Coal is a major source of CO2 emissions.
●    The agreement calls for limiting warming to below 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial times.


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