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China unveils World's largest amphibious aircraft

China has unveiled the world's largest amphibious aircraft which Beijing says will be useful in fighting forest fires and embarking on rescue missions. 
•    The massive seaplane, completed seven years after work on it started, is part of China's efforts in minimizing its dependence on foreign goods in crucial sectors.
•    The AG600, nearly the size of a Boeing 737, was rolled out by Aviation Industry Corporation of China in the southern city of Zhuhai on 23 July.
•    According to the Chinese manufacturers, the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tonnes and a flight range of up to 4,500kms. 
•    The agency's deputy general manager, Geng Rugang, hailed the aircraft as "the latest breakthrough in China's aviation industry". 
•    With a capacity to cruise at 500kms, the plane can pick up as much as 12 tonnes of water within 20 seconds.

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