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Tips for Clearing CLAT Exam in 10 Days

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : January 17, 2023


Generally, the last days left for the exam are filled with tension and fear. Well, this is the time you need to stay calm and just revise what you have studied for the entire year. 

This post shall guide you through how to prepare for CLAT in 10 days, mistakes to avoid on the exam day, subject-wise preparation tips, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to the tips to know how to remember what you have studied and how to enhance your revision period. 

Top 10 Mantras to Crack CLAT

  1. Firstly, don't panic during the last few days left for the exam. 
  2. Revise and give a quick glance at all topics you have studied before. Keep in mind not to study any new topic in the last few days.
  3. Solve CLAT Questions Papers to test your preparation levels. You can also understand the difficulty level of questions and improve your time management skills. 
  4. Learn short tricks to attempt the Mathematics section quickly. 
  5. Revise the notes prepared during your study time. This is a great resource during last-minute preparation. 
  6. Keep reading daily newspapers and current affairs to stay updated about all the issues happening across the globe. 
  7. Attempt as many mock tests as possible to analyze your preparation. Know your errors and try to improve them.
  8. Practice reading quickly and understanding in one go. The entire question paper includes comprehension-based passages followed by questions. 
  9. Keep yourself calm and composed during the last-minute preparation for CLAT
  10. Finally, keep all the documents ready to be taken to the exam hall. Attempt the exam in a cool way without getting tensed. 

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

How to Prepare for CLAT Exam in 10 Days?

As we all know, 10 days is a short duration to prepare for the CLAT 2024. However, you can use this time effectively to understand the pattern of questions and the difficulty level

During the last 10 days, it is advised not to prepare any new concepts. Instead, practice or revise the concepts studied earlier. 

Along with previous papers, attempt mock tests in the last 10 days. Now, let us understand subject-wise preparation for CLAT Exam in the last 10 days. 

How to Prepare for CLAT GK in the last 10 Days?

  • For the past 2-3 years, most of the questions are based on current affairs.
  • Make sure to cover all the Current Affairs of the past 12 months in the last 10 days.
  • Allot 2-3 hours of your daily time for the GK section.
  • Try to cover at least one month of current affairs in one day.

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How to Prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning in the last 10 Days?

  • You can allot 2 hours per day for logical reasoning in the last 10 days.
  • Do not start with any new topic. Instead, focus more on Series, Seating Arrangement, Syllogisms, blood relation topics.
  • Daily practice one previous paper of CLAT.
  • Note down all the questions and try to work on the concepts which you are not clear.
  • Also, attempt one CLAT Mock Test a day.
  • This way, you can brush up on all the concepts of legal aptitude.

How to Prepare for CLAT Legal Aptitude in the last 10 Days?

  • For principle and fact questions, solve the last 10-year question papers.
  • Try to revise legal terms and maxims regularly as 10-12 questions will be asked in the exam. 
  • Practice short-cut techniques while attempting previous year's papers.
  • In order to prepare for CLAT in 10 days, try solving as many mock tests as possible. 

How to Prepare for CLAT English in the last 10 Days?

  • Allocate 2 hours of your daily time for the English section.
  • Revise the antonyms and synonyms that you have learned from past months.
  • Solve at least one previous year's CLAT paper in a day.
  • Also, attempt CLAT English Quiz and mock tests daily.

How to Prepare for CLAT Mathematics in the last 10 Days?

  • Learn formulas to attempt the mathematical problems easily.
  • Solve previous year papers to get an idea about which type of questions can be asked in the exam.
  • Try to take up CLAT Maths Quiz to test your preparation. 
  • You can improve your area of weakness with the quiz results. 

5 Mistakes to avoid during the CLAT Preparation

Many of you might be doing some mistakes during the preparation for the CLAT 2024 Exam. To help you overcome those mistakes, our experts at Legal Edge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for Law Entrance Exams) suggested the following tips and strategies.

  • Mistake-1: Focusing on the quantity of the mock tests, instead of trying to analyze each mock test thoroughly
  • Mistake-2: Not planning your day in advance
  • Mistake-3: Not allocating enough time to rest your body and to start revision
  • Mistake-4: You are not setting definite goals 
  • Mistake-5: Thinking about a lot of expectations

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Mock Tests

What is the CLAT Preparation Strategy for the last 20 Days?

Many of you will be worrying about how to prepare for CLAT 2024 in the last 20 days. 

To help you better prepare for the exam in the last 20 days, Karan Mehta, director of the Legal Edge, shared the following preparation strategy. Follow expert suggestions and know how to score 150 in CLAT.  

First 10 DaysContent  Content Time Allotment
Solving Comprehensions(Irregular Ones) 5 Passages/20Q 2 hours
Solving Comprehension (Legal) 5 Passages 2 hours
Reading articles (Annoying Ones) 3 articles 45 mins
Current Affairs Revision (1 month/day) GK Today/CA Quiz 45 mins
Vocabulary 40 words 20 mins
Current Affairs New - 30 mins
Analytical Reasoning 40 Questions 1 hour
Revise Mock Tests 1 Mock/day 60 mins
Quantitative Techniques 5 sets  1 hour 30 mins
Critical Reasoning Theory from the standard books 45 mins
Revision - 2 hours

CLAT Study Plan for 20 Days

Karan Mehta, one of the directors of leading law exam coaching, LegalEdge has provided a few strategies for the last 20 days of CLAT Exam Preparation

Here are the last 2 weeks' strategies to be followed for scoring good marks in CLAT 2024. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best books for the CLAT GK section include Legal General Knowledge by R. K Gupta, General Knowledge by Arihant Publications, and Current Affairs Yearly by Arihant Publications.

In CLAT GK Section candidates must be aware of all the latest issues across the globe. Some of the important topics to prepare are Static GK, History, Polity, Environment, National & International Events, Sports, New Appointments, Awards & Honours.

The last-minute preparation refers to revision and giving a quick glance to all topics. This time is utilized for solving previous year papers, attempting mock tests, and revising each topic from all subjects.
The one hour before the exam is very precious as you have to stay calm and be relaxed to answer the question paper. Make sure not to get tensed and worried about the question paper. Just be relaxed and begin answering the question paper. 

Here is the list of tips for warming up your brain and be prepared to take up the CLAT Exam: Get a good night's sleep, Drink plenty of water, Move your body, Lift your mood and energy levels, Do a  dump, Sit still and focus on your breath for 5 minutes, & Have a low GI healthy breakfast.

As per the previous year analysis, the GK section include questions only from Current affairs. Therefore, it is important to focus more on current affairs than static GK.


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