CLAT Question Papers PDF Download Here

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Previous Year CLAT Question Paper will help the students to fuel their preparation. Adding this conduct to any exam preparation is helpful in cracking the exam. To understand the type of questions that appears in the CLAT Exam 2020, one must practice previous papers. It will help in understanding the exam pattern. Also, one will learn the art of managing time during the actual paper.

Latest: The officials have announced a sure-shot syllabus and exam pattern for the CLAT 2020 Exam on the official website.

CLAT Question Papers PDF

  • Considering the syllabus, one must follow a proper CLAT Preparation Strategy. It will help the students to complete all sections of the question paper
  • Practicing Question Papers helps maintain speed in the exam. Moreover, it is the best way to understand the exam pattern
  • The difficulty level of the paper through the past years will get clear. One can get an idea of what kind of question paper can be set this year
  • CLAT Exam will take place in May 2020. Candidates can check the tentative CLAT Exam Dates
  • Students must make a proper study plan and stick to it
  • Candidates must not leave any topic to revise from the CLAT Syllabus. Things can be unpredictable when the exam day is actually here

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Download CLAT Question Papers (LLB & LLM)

The following table has many CLAT Question Papers year-wise that candidates can download in one click and start practicing them:

Question Paper Links
2017 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2016 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2015 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2014 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2013 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2012 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2011 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2010 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2009 CLAT Question Paper Download Here
2008 CLAT Question Paper Download Here

CLAT Question Papers Free PDF Download from the following table:

CLAT Question Paper 1
CLAT Question Paper 2
CLAT Question Paper 3
CLAT Question Paper 4
CLAT Question Paper 5
CLAT Question Paper 6
CLAT Question Paper 7
CLAT Question Paper 8
CLAT Question Paper 9
CLAT Question Paper 10

How Previous CLAT Question Papers help?

There is a reason we keep suggesting the aspirants practice CLAT Question Papers. Read below:
  • Practicing Previous Papers will help to gain more clarity about the exam
  • One will learn how to manage time with continuous practice
  • Students also understand the question paper pattern in a better way
  • While practicing previous papers, one will come across different types of questions. Candidates will cover all the sections at one time. This will result in covering a variety of questions and help in cracking the exam
  • One will get the real feeling of attempting the exam
  • Ample of aspects and areas of the subject will get clear
  • We recommend the students to practice at least 2 CLAT Question Papers per day

CLAT Preparation Tips (Basic)

Check out the following CLAT Preparation Tips which will help clear the exam in one go:
  • Take 6-7 hours per day to study for the exam
  • For the English Section, the main focus must be on improving Grammar and Vocabulary. Students should devote at least 1 hour to practicing the weak areas in English
  • Read Newspapers without fail, every day. It will help in the GK Section
  • Be updated to Current Affair Situations and read what happened and the cause of it
  • Solve different types of Puzzles and play Games that demand Logic. This will strengthen one’s Reasoning Skills
  • Do not panic when it comes to Maths. Understand the concept and formulas and practice them. Cramming will not work in this section
  • Give at least 4 hours to practice Maths


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