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50 days Preparation Strategy for CLAT 2022

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : October 31, 2022


Reader’s Digest: 50, 49, 48, 47, 46… The timer for CLAT is ticking at a faster pace now. So, it’s high time for all the CLAT aspirants to pull up their socks. Read this blog post to get complete insights into the 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT and more. 

 " It’s Now or Never "

What Things Cannot Be Missed in 50 Days Preparation Strategy for CLAT?

You cannot dare to miss the following things in the last 50 days of CLAT preparation.

  • Reading Newspaper
  • CLAT Mock Test Analysis
  • Practice section-wise questions for the weakest topics 

Do’s & Don’ts in the 50 Days Preparation Strategy for CLAT

Sweat covered her. Taking deep breaths, Jaanvi drank water. Seeing Jaanvi’s condition, Priya asked out of curiosity, are you fine? To which she replied, yes, I'm fine. 

But just 50 days are left for CLAT, and I don’t know how to wrap up things. However, I have completed the majority of the CLAT syllabus. 

To this, Priya says, I have an ultimate list of do’s and don'ts for the 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT. Let me help you with that. Follow the below-mentioned do’s and don’ts to ace the CLAT Exam. 

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Must Do’s - 50 Days Preparation Strategy for CLAT 

There is no new thing that you can add to your 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT. The next 20-30 days are the most important days for your CLAT 2022. The momentum you will pick up from here will go till the end of your examination. 

You will realize if things are going to improve or not. Except for General Knowledge and Current Affairs, you won’t be studying any add-value content for your CLAT preparation. 

It would be best if you didn’t try out any new strategy or devise a way of solving questions. If you want to experiment with any new formulae or learn a strategy, do it by 10 to 15 November. Afterward, stick to the revision and 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT

Move out of your comfort zone. 

We are confident about attempting the subjects that fall in our comfort zone. On the other hand, the topics we lack interest in eventually become our weaknesses, and we don't feel confident attempting those questions.

Some aspirants cover all the portions of their weak subjects. Yet, they do not try those questions in the CLAT. Every aspirant must practice at least a hundred questions from their weak subject to overcome the fear surrounding that subject. 

Spend more time on the subject in which you are weak or facing difficulty in understanding the concepts. 

We agree with all the CLAT aspirants that mock analysis is lengthy and tedious. However, nothing can outweigh the fact that mock analysis holds the utmost importance in every entrance examination. 

Plan daily and set realistic and easily achievable targets.

Planning and execution are the two sides of the same coin. Even if you prepare a comprehensive 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT, and do not execute it, then there is no point in making it.

After setting a plan, ensure to follow it at least 80 percent. It will maintain consistency in your preparation

Do not make a rigorous study plan. Don't plan your dinner time and break time. Roughly make a plan within 5-10 minutes to decide what topics you must cover throughout the day. 

Make a topic or subject-wise study target instead of an hourly target. Keep the study plan in sync with your CLAT preparation. 

For instance, you decide to practice 200 questions of legal, 50 passages of English, and 50 passages of CR. Half of the day, when you have full energy flowing in your body, you will find ways to complete the above tasks. In the end, you will release that this was an unachievable task. So, you will spend the remaining time being guilty of not completing the set of CLAT questions.

If you set 50 questions of legal, five passages of legal, and CR, and set a broad timeline. Then, it can be easily achieved by breaking your day into 3 study slots. Keep a maximum time of 1 - 1.5 hours for solving legal questions. Allot 15-20 minutes for passages. 

Do Take Mock Test Daily.

As per the 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT, it is not advisable to start giving mock tests right after reading this blog post. 

Roughly, spend 3-4 hours giving one mock test for CLAT. The total duration of one mock test is 2 hours. Spend another 1-2 hours analyzing it. Give two to three mock tests in a week. Please do not spend more time on mock tests, as they will be of no use at the present moment. 

Read a lot.

The point is to read more and more. Reading will help you in the Current Affairs, English, and Reasoning section. General knowledge and the legal section are the lengthier topics. Read them repeatedly, as per the 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT

For instance, Rita read the CrPC. regularly for 30 days, she recalled the important topics and successfully attempted all the questions from CrPC.

clat online coaching

clat online coaching

Revise the concepts regularly. 

Understand that revision is the key to success 

For instance, Savita read criminal laws for CLAT. She understood the concepts clearly. However, she only revised it after the exam. Hence, she was unable to attempt those questions. And she missed the CUET cut-off by a few marks. 

Next year, she revised criminal law topics every week. This year, she attempted all the questions related to criminal law in the CUET 2022.

Aim to improve your rank.

Devise a foolproof plan to improve your overall CLAT rank and not just your total marks. Most aspirants mistakenly focus on increasing their scores rather than their final CLAT rank. 

Focus on your weaknesses.

Do not start any CLAT topic from scratch. If you really want to learn new topics, then keep it limited. Work on your weaknesses. If you want to get into the top 5 NLUs, your CLAT score in the weaker sections can be a life-changing factor. 

For instance, if you score 40-50% score in the weaker sections of CLAT, our experts suggest that you might not be able to get admission into the top five NLUs.

CLAT Preparation

CLAT Preparation

Must Don’t Things - 50 Days Preparation Strategy for CLAT 

As they say, the bad news is that time flies. The good news is that I’m the pilot. Most of the CLAT aspirants underestimate the power of time. End ke 50 days me kya hi hoga, next year denge ab toh! 

This casual approach costs them a year. The last 50 days are crucial for the aspirants. Know the top things every CLAT aspirant must not do in the last 50 days of CLAT preparation.

  • Make a rigorous timetable and not follow it. 
  • Focusing just on strong areas.
  • Practicing too many mock tests.
  • Take long study breaks.
  • Ignoring the value of the last 15-20 days.
  • Not believing in yourself.
  • Staying in your comfort zone.

Summing Up - We have told you all the do’s and don’ts in the CLAT preparation strategy. Save this blog post for future reference. Good Luck with your CLAT preparation. Happy Reading!

clat mock test

clat mock test

Frequently Asked Questions

You must read the newspaper daily for the CLAT preparation. This is the top thing every CLAT aspirant must do on a priority basis.
You consisted of practicing section-wise questions for the topics in which you are weak.
You must provide at least 4 to 5 mock tests per week as per the 50 days preparation strategy for CLAT. 


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