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Difference between NIFT CAT and GAT

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : January 18, 2023


For B. Des and M. Des courses, the NIFT entrance exam is divided into two phases. The first phase exams for NIFT 2023 consist of a written examination: CAT and GAT for B. Des and M. Des admissions. Selected candidates from the first phase are invited to the second phase examinations, which include a Situation Test for the B. Des programme and a GD/PI for the M. Des programme.

Candidates for B. FTech admissions must only take the GAT exam. Aspirants for MFM and MFTech admissions must take the GAT and GD/PI rounds.

The NIFT Creative Ability Test (CAT) is used to assess a candidate's intuitive ability, illustration skills, observation power, design ability, and concept development, whereas the General Ability Test (GAT) is a multiple-choice paper with sub-tests that include Quantitative Ability, Communication Ability & English Comprehension, Analytical Ability & Logical Ability and General Knowledge & Current Affairs.

When we talk about NIFT CAT and GAT, then a common idea of Entrance Examination pops up in our mind, which the Designing and Fashion Technology Aspirants have to face to secure admission to the prestigious Institution of NIFT.

However, if we analyze closely, there's a huge difference between these two examinations. To be precise, these are the two sections of Questions Encapsulating different kinds of questions and thus have a very different syllabus and methodology of preparation from each other.

CAT and GAT are the examinations that the Candidates who are aiming to enroll in Bachelors & Masters in design need to face. While those who are appearing for the Fashion Technology Courses irrespective of UG or PG program have to appear for GAT only.

These Examinations have marks weightage which is 50% and 30% each which make around 80% in the B Des entrance examination and for the M.Des change to 40% & 30% respectively. The rest 20% for Bachelor's and 30% for Masters are given in the Situation Test and Interviews, making it 100%.

So to understand these topics completely, let's first quickly dive into the details entailing both these in addition to the syllabus which Students require to refer to while preparing for the NIFT Examination

What is NIFT CAT: A detail for Your Reference 

NIFT CAT is the acronym that stands for Creativity Analysis Test Conducted by NIFT. The whole idea of developing and keeping this section in the examination is to test the candidate's imagination, Innovation, and Creative side and understand how they can approach any problem creatively and innovatively.

This section of Questions reserves 50% and 40% each in B. Des and M.Des, respectively. This section mostly has questions that are related to art, crafts, and design to test how well you can think and would be able to present out-of-the-box ideas.

Presenting your answer more tactfully and Creatively will help you achieve a significant score in this section of the Examination. 

nift mock test

nift Mock test

What is NIFT GAT: Know it more

The General Ability test, also known as the NIFT GAT, is a designed set of questions. Encapsulating Questions from various sources are used to assess understanding and recall abilities, language proficiency, fashion industry awareness, as well as local and global news of social, political, and economic importance.

The examination is given in offline mode and lasts 2 hours for undergraduate programs and 3 hours for all PG level programs. Let us quickly go over the NIFT GAT syllabus that you are expected to cover before writing your exam.

Syllabus of NIFT CAT: Let's go through the Prescribed syllabus 

To understand the examination pattern well, you must know the syllabus thoroughly. And you might be wondering where you are going to get that information from.

To resolve that issue, here we have the complete list of Syllabus and topics which you need to cover folly to ace your examination:

Theory of Design  Basics of Drawing  Fundamentals and Principles of Design 
Colors and their dynamism  Creative Inspiration  Optical illusion and the world of colors 
Shapes and forms: Natural and Geometric  Design and Innovation  Writing Skills and Creative Writing 
Optical logic Evolution of theme  Development of design in the natural environment 
Application of measurement tools Scales and Proportion  Shapes and Functions  Intelligence based drawing 
Color composition and its components  Themes: Colors and mood Developing the Idea of shades and lights 
Analysis of Pictures  Modeling: 2D and 3D Imagination, Innovation, and creation 

Syllabus of NIFT GAT: Have a look at the list 

When you are preparing for the NIFT Examination, you cannot miss the preparation of GAT because it is equally important as GAT and has a weightage of around 30% in both B. Des and M.Des.

But you can never have a good preparation if you are not well aware of the syllabus and the topics which are crucial to cover because no score could be achieved if you do not have good preparation and solid revision. 

Segmentation  Aim Sections 
Logical and Analytical Questions  It aims to analyze the quantitative abilities of students  Interest and rate of interest, Ratio & proportion, Fraction & Decimals, Distance and Time, Work and Speed, linear equation 
Understanding of English and Communication Skills To analyze the overall understanding and knowledge of the pupil in the English language  Antonyms & Synonyms; One-word substitution, Phrase, and Idioms, Correction of Spelling 
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning  The intention is to analyze the logical as well as a verbal understanding of the appearing candidates  Blood relationship, Distance, Syllogism, Sitting arrangements, Data Analysis, Number or Pattern Sequence 
Current News and GK To test awareness about the World news and Knowledge of Contemporary and Historical Society of India (particularly fashion) Current News and General Pedagogy 

nift online coaching

nift online coaching

How to prepare for NIFT CAT & GAT: Unleash your creative side with preparation

To prepare for an examination, experts always suggest a set of strategies to adopt for the students so that they can prepare in the most effective manner, which could increase the accuracy and speed of the candidate as this is the primary trait any competitive exams call for.

Particularly the one aimed to test students' creativity and logical analysis. Those kinds of examinations call for additional efforts because failing to invest in the preparation can cost you big time in your examination.

That's why we are sharing some tips that will be useful if you put them into practice and enhance your NIFT Exam Preparation.

Draft your plan: If you are set on the pathways of preparation, there's nothing more effective than a well-drafted plan because if you lack planning, you are likely to mess up your routine and might find it hard to juggle the time between your studies and other work. So before setting off to preparation, make a schedule and follow it strictly.

Choose the right materials: Study material and the best books for NIFT make a huge difference in preparation. So it is advisable to pick up the materials from credible sources and have the guarantee to have prepared well for the test.

Creative Inspiration & Practical: In this Examination Endeavour, you will face the CAT, which will put your creativity, imagination, and Innovation to the test. For that, you have to prepare beforehand by Continuous practice.

Divide your time: Dividing your times of the day between your daily chores and your preparational Study might look tricky. However, you must carefully curate a table citing your routine and study timetable. This way, you will be able to study strategically.

Practice Last year's Question Sets: The NIFT Question Papers are the holy grail for the students preparing for the examination because they will guide you to understand the pattern of questions, the weighting of each section, and how you can crack each section with rigorous practice.

Have faith in your skills: It's never true that one doesn't have a skill. Everyone has their own skill sets, which they unleash whenever the time comes. While preparing, you must have complete faith in yourself and your skills, whatever you learn. The revision will bring you success:

Read more: Short tricks to attempt CAT questions in the NIFT exam

Revise whatever you learned last day: You need to keep in check whatever you have learned and if you remember the news and Other questions which you have learned are still fresh in your mind or not. Also, revision makes your preparations solid and helps you get more numbers and rank well on the admission merit list.

Frequently Asked Questions

To begin with if you are not aware of what NIFT CAT and GAT are particularly being design and fashion aspirants then let us tell you that CAT stands for (Creativity Aptitude Test) & GAT stands for (General Aptitude Test). And If you are someone who wishes to get into NIFT then you must prepare for both these examinations.

When it comes to the Weightage. It is no less than the most critical point to be mentioned. CAT is the examination which is faced by Design Students only irrespective of UG and PG program and this examination holds around 50% & 40% at each level In addition to the GAT which holds 30% weightage in both Bachelors and Master's program. 

Yes of course, but if you are confusing it with other CAT (MBA) then let us clarify to you that CAT NIFT is entirely different from what you have known about CAT previously. NIFT CAT is organized to test your Creativity and Innovation skills which you can incorporate into your designs and creations. So yes NIFT does accept NIFT CAT.

Surprisingly there's no one-word answer for this question. So yes if you are someone who wants to be in NIFT for your Designing dreams then you must prepare for both CAT and GAT with equal enthusiasm and zeal However if you are trying to leave your path in the Fashion Technology Courses (BFTech & MFTech) Then you only have to prepare for the GAT as well as the Interview round.

To keep you informed, NIFT CAT and GAT are the examinations that are important for you to crack to get your way into NIFT. However, these examinations are not the last step of admission no matter if you are a bachelor's or master's candidate. So once you are done with these examinations you have to face a Situation Test being a Design Student and If you are a Fashion Technology Student then Group Discussion and Interview would be your last resort to clear before proceeding to admission 


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